Tomás Matos Talks New Music, Celebrating Pride, & More

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Tomás Matos may be known for playing Keegan in last year’s critically acclaimed film Fire Island, but they are also an accomplished recoding artist who is giving us some hot new tracks to add to our summer and Pride playlists.

At the beginning of this month, Matos released a new club-ready single titled “HONESTLY, CVNT,” a feel-good empowering tune that celebrates self-expression and self-confidence. Of the inspiration behind the track, the artist shares:


“It isn’t a bad word. It’s a reclamation of what it means to own your femininity. Anyone can be cvnt. Think of it as an adjective, not a noun. You’re not a cvnt, honey. You are cvnt. You know what I’m saying?”

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Matos then released a follow-up single a couple weeks later, “KEEP IT PUMPIN’ (Reloaded),” a song about being unapologetically yourself and connecting with the right people that celebrate you for being who you are. 

“‘KEEP IT PUMPIN’ (Reloaded)’ came about as a means for me to express the feelings I was having towards the haters on social media who were so pressed about me just living my damn life,” they say. “It’s a bad bitch anthem, a bad bitch mantra, and hater repellent, baby. Repeat these lyrics to your haters and watch them get real quiet. Periodt.” 


As an artist and advocate for bringing gender inclusivity and awareness to all industries they work in, Tomás uses their voice to empower and uplift those around them. They take pride in constantly growing, evolving, and sharing their bright light with the world, and they are excited to be a part of Pride events and celebrations across the country this year to celebrate their latest releases. 

Image via Joshua Going

Instinct caught up with Matos to talk about their music and Pride, as well as other recent projects such as playing Angel in Houston’s Theater Under the Star’s production of Rent. Check out the full video interview below. 

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