Rocker Tommy Lee Shocks Fans With Full-Frontal

Tommy Lee speaking to ET in 2020. / Image via ET

We didn’t ask. But we’re definitely thankful.

Were you up late last night? If not, you missed a BIG surprise from Tommy Lee. The rocker gave his 1.4 million Instagram followers an eyeful early Thursday morning. The Mötley Crüe founder and drummer posted a picture of himself from the neck down. Fans got to see every tattoo and piercing on the musician’s body. But that’s not what everyone’s talking about. Front-and-center of the photo hung Lee’s penis!


“Ooooopppsss,” Tommy Lee wrote to caption the picture (which is now deleted but has already spread online).

A shortened version of the image. / Image via Instagram @tommylee

According to TMZ, the picture received HUNDREDS of comments. Some praised and thanked Tommy Lee while others condemned him for the public and unsolicited dick pic.

Gay dating app Grindr even commented on the picture saying, “Wrong app, babe.”


Meanwhile, Tommy Lee’s wife – actor, comedian, and former Vine star Brittany Furlan – wrote, “OH MY GOD.”

And, of course, the memes that sprung up from the moment were hilarious.




But what did Lee say about all the talk over his penis? The 59-year-old posted ANOTHER Instagram picture several hours later. The image showed a vintage photo of a naked man standing in front of an elephant. Text above the elephant reads, “How do you breathe through that little thing??”

But trust us, Tommy Lee’s “thing” is anything but “little.” In fact, that penis has been the talk of Hollywood for years. In 1996, then-married Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape was leaked. Despite the couple’s zero interest in spreading the videos, many magazines like Penthouse published stills of the footage. Then, according to the Los Angeles Times, the rise of internet porn led to the video spreading even more.


Fast forward to this year, the Hulu series Pam & Tommy depicted the relationship between the former Bay Watch star and the drummer. The series also explored the sex tape leak and how it affected the couple. Played by Sebastian Stan, Lee’s penis was even a character and was voiced by Jason Mantzoukas.

Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee in Pam And Tommy. / Image via Hulu

Maybe all the new talk around his penis made Tommy Lee  want to share it with everyone. Whatever the reason, he did it. But, sadly, the pic is gone now! … at least, on Instagram. But, again, the internet never forgets. We’re sure you can do a simple search to find screenshots of the picture. Or, you could look it up on Twitter.


 Source: TMZ, LA Times,

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  1. Tommy Lee is not my type of guy. I’m not as desperate as other gay guys who will do whoever is presented to them or moves. Sebastian Stan, without the tatts, is more my style, and sexier!


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