Tone-Deaf First Lady Decides Now Is A Good Time To Renovate

Melania Trump – Instagram / White House Press Release

I’m not a fan of Melania Trump or anything Trump for that matter (except Mary L. Trump). That said, I am aware that sometimes Melania is the brunt of Donald Trump jokes and by association, she catches a lot of heat. I understand that dynamic, and I’m willing to give her a pass – sometimes.

That’s not to say she is innocent and separate from her husband’s hideous antics; most notably, how she joined the chorus of the birthers who insisted Barack Obama was born in Africa. She also lied about having a college degree in Interior Design – the university itself released a statement to the contrary. In fact, she dropped out.


Then there was the most eggregious of her acts – nearly, verbatim stealing First Lady Michelle Obama’s famous inaugural speech and claiming it as her own. Melania alleged she penned it herself; however, she did not. It was confirmed she plagiarized it.

Video Screen Grab / The Today Show / Melania Trump 2016  / Michelle Obama 2008 

Melania Trump’s latest headline though, highlights perhaps her most tone-deaf endeavor since becoming First Lady, or at least since she visited a facility for orphaned refugees while wearing a designer jacket emblazoned with words, “I don’t care. Do You.” Seriously, if there were a history book of First Lady fashion faux pas, a photo of Melania, in that jacket would be on the cover.

But, let’s get back to her latest headline. Did you hear?


As many Americans are in their most dire times, plagued with a deadly virus, food shortages, staggering unemployment numbers, and all 50 states in protests against centuries of systemic racism, Melania Trump announced to the world she would spend her time raising dollars – but not to help those who are struggling. No, she’ll be raising money instead to renovate the White House Rose garden.

Because, you know, priorities.

As you can imagine, people on social media had a lot to say in response to this news:


It seems grossly inappropriate to lavishly spend money on unnecessary renovations when so many Americans don’t even know how they will pay their rent, mortgages, or even put food on the table.

Making matters worse, earlier this week the Republicans proposed a new stimulus bill, intended to help every-day Americans survive these times of uncertainty. Donald Trump however managed to slip a clause into that bill, that would allocate 1.75 billion dollars to renovate the FBI headquarters. It’s like all America is going to hell in a hand basket but The Trumps are in full HGTV mode.


It’s quite staggering that Republicans would propose reducing the unemployment stimulus amount from $600 to $200 per week, while also requesting 1.75 billion dollars in cash to fix up the FBI building.

Nothing the Trump administration does phases me anymore. Given the tumultuous state of affairs in America right now, both socially and economically, the mere notion of any renovations is beyond tone-deaf. It’s straightforward arrogance and blatantly gross negligence as so many people could benefit from the money spent on these projects.

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