Too ‘Sexually Suggestive’ Celebration, Mr. Antonio Brown, Says NFL. We Didn’t Mind.

The boys are back and so are their antics.  Yes, were talking about those big beast of American Football.  We're dealing with Kaepernic and followers with their silent protests and apparently other players being too patriotic with 9/11 cleats.  We don't watch football to watch scandals, but it seems there have been way too many in recent years.

Today, the NFL has to now deal with a sex scandal, right on the field.  Forget the cheerleaders wrapped around the field with overflowing cups and pom-poms flying, and their routines where they do a little more than patty-cake, we're talking about the gyrations of celebratory men.

The No Fun League has a clause in its voluminous rules that you just have to get familiar with.

The little-known but suddenly relevant resolution can be found on page 200 of the 292-page NFL bylaws, and it came into play after Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver scored his second touchdown of the game Monday night against the Washington Redskins. –






I was like sign me up!  Dayum! Antonio Brown has been practicing.

But apparently, this is wrong.  This cannot be seen on national television or on the football field. The sport as we know it would apparently come to an end.  I mean we need to keep that kind of stuff on the bare chested olympics Dancing With The Stars. 


I think we need more of that on the field and then really make use of the instant replay.

Eric Edholm over at Yahoo Sports also reminded us of this Key & Peele clip from November 2013, highlighting the arduous task the NFL has to police too much sexually suggestive moves on the field.




And guess what … it's just week one. Why is football season only 5 months long?



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