Top 5 Near Naked (or Fully Naked) Moments of 2019 So Far

We are only two months into 2019 and there has been so many men who have either "accidentally" showed all or came damn near close to doing so.

The occasional near-naked or fully-naked moment is never lost on many of us gay men, and the ones that do it on the internet, television or movies are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Let's take a look at the top 5 moments that gave us a warm reason to smile this year.

Survivor Alum Michael Yerger's Insanely Sexy Photo Shoot

The now 20-year-old's modeling career has skyrocketed since he appeared on Survivor: Ghost Island last year. Given this nearly-naked photo shoot that he posted about on his Instagram Stories last month, we can see why.

Chris Underwood's Major Wood on Survivor

Keeping with the theme of the legendary CBS competition show, let me present to you… Survivor: Edge of Extinction cast member Chris Underwood. Survivor is known for showing hot guys in little to no clothing (Richard Hatch started the whole naked thing nearly 20 years ago), and Chris' blue briefs added to that, where he left little to the imagination a couple of episodes back.

Rob Gronkowski Flashes Reporters in Locker Room

Certain viewers were treated to an extra surprise when Gronk accidentally flashed reporters in the locker room after the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. Touchdown.

Tennis Star Andy Murray Shares Revealing Crotch X-Ray

Andy was recovering from hip surgery where he shared an X-ray that revealed a pretty massive tennis racket in between his legs. Wink wink.

Former Big Brother Star Mark Jansen Poses Nude on Instagram

No mistake here. Mark did this on purpose. Only thing hiding his "power of veto" was a big ole pair of sneakers. 

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