Top or Bottom? Andy Cohen Reveals His Sexual Position

Andy Cohen recently made an appearance on Isaac Mizrahi’s Hello Isaac (an iHeartRadio podcast), and they just so happened to land on the topic of sexual positions…

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The 61-year-old American fashion designer asked Cohen:


“Asking for a friend, are you a top or a bottom?”

And the 55-year-old ‘Watch What Happens Live’ host quickly answered:

“I’m a top.”

Mizrahi seems a bit surprised that Cohen was able to answer it so candidly, to which he commented:


“You’re a top! That was really an easy answer for you.”

“Because the answer was readily available,” the TV presenter responded.

He further expressed,

“I wish that I could — I need to loosen up as they say.”


Moreover, Cohen opened up about the false narratives about him on social media, specifically because of his “outspoken” and “transparent” nature on certain topics, such as “being a top and loving to have sex.”

“I think I get very sensitive when I see kind of judgments about myself on Twitter that aren’t true where people are like, ‘He’s not really raising his kids, he has a bunch of nannies and he’s not really doing it or there’s a narrative that I like some particular drug that I don’t,” he shared in the new episode of Mizrahi’s podcast.

(c) Instagram: @bravoandy

The talk show host has two children via surrogacy — his son named Ben and his daughter Lucy.


Here’s a clip of Cohen on Mizrahi’s Hello Isaac podcast:

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  1. I don’t understand why this bitch is even given a topic, let alone exist in the lexicon of queer culture after what he did to our ally Kathy Griffin

  2. Why does everyone have to be categorised a top or bottom? Plenty of us are Sides (neither top or bottom) and others are Versatile.

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