Toronto: One Of The Cleanest Cities I Know Also Has An Active Slutty Side.

I need to get myself back to Toronto.  My first and only visit to the city was for a four day weekend in June a handful of years ago.  I went by myself so there was no one to judge me on what activities I chose to do, but I was a good tourist.  Staying downtown near the gay village, I explored as much of the city I could on foot, walking 4 hours a day, each day picking a different direction to set my sights on.

The city was clean, well laid out, exciting, welcoming, and just felt like home away from home.  If it didn't have snow, I'd look to moving there for good. If Drumpf gets elected … maybe I can put up with the snow.

I did enjoy my time there in an adult fashion, but it was more of the tame variety, bars, and a couple of semi-innocent extra curricular activities.  What I came away with was that Toronto is an exciting clean version of NYC or Chicago.  If I wanted raunchy and slutty in Canadian form, I would have to have booked the weekend in Montreal, like I use to four times a year, right?

Wrong.  Our friends over at have open my eyes (and other body parts) to the not so clean offerings of Hogtown. The "Hogtown" nickname for Toronto is said to be related to the livestock that was processed there, largely by the city's largest pork processor and packer, the William Davies Company – In the article, "Seven Slutty Places In Toronto,"'s Mike Miksche gives us a list of places I will need to dip my quill into during my next visit.

[Toronto-] It’s the ever-evolving city that incorporates sex cultures from other cities, but does so harmoniously and with an open mind — it’s the Canadian way. The more I travel in the US, the more I appreciate the lax attitude towards public sex in the Toronto venues. It’s a good mix between American and European sensibilities, and it has [… #7]. 

1.  Steamworks

The cleanest place to get dirty. It’s a bathhouse with a mouthwash fountain but hosts CumUnionBears Baths and Beyond and DILF parties, amongst other things.

2.  Spa Excess

The first bathhouse I ever visited over 14 years ago. It’s a classic.
105 Carlton St

3.  Northbound Leather

This leather shop is an institution for the kinky set. They host events, cruises and an annual fetish party and fashion show, where I once wrestled and necked with a straight boy in front of his girlfriend. He didn’t get hard — it was authentic. Read more about my adventures at Northbound’s party.
7 St Nicholas St

4.  The Black Eagle

A classic leather bar meets techno club. They have leather, underwear and pup nights as well as an infamous naked night. It’s dependable weekend spot with great music and masculine/kinky fare. Read about my adventures at the “dirty bird.” 
457 Church St

5.  Club120

My favorite nightclub hands down. They host the Rough House dungeon parties and the occasional Northbound Leather party. It’s always sleazy and sex positive. The owners are pretty cool too. Read about my adventures at Rough House.
120 Church St

6.  Remington’s

There are mirrored walls, neon lights and muscle men — it’s everything a male strip club should be. I love it so much I once gave a stripper a Christmas present.
379 Yonge St

7.  ???                                                               –

You'll have to go to to see what #7 is.  What was surprising is that there are 4 of them across Toronto.  Mike also elaborates on one of his trips to one.  That was an eye opening read. 

I have to confess, I did visit Remington's, so I did dabble a little while I was there.  Would I visit any of these other ones?  I seem to be a little more adventurous when on vacation, so yes, now that I know about these other places, I would seek out 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Thanks again DailyXtra and Mike for letting me know that Toronto isn't just the clean and welcoming city I fell in love with, but it's also a city that has it's slutty raunchy side, too. I don't mind bipolar.


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