Touchdown! First-ever Super Bowl Inclusion Party Set For Minneapolis

Inclusion has never been more important for the LGBTQ community, especially when it comes to the world of sports as several gay athletes still feel ostracized for who they are regardless of how good they perform.

Former NFL player Esera Tuaolo, who came out publicly in 2002, has done everything he can to build bridges between his NFL family and his LGBT community.  And one of those bridges has been built, as he is hosting the first ever Super Bowl Inclusion Party, set to take place in his home town (and coincidentally where Super Bowl 52 is taking place) in Minneapolis today.

The party, which is underway right now, include several talented acts from The Voice Season 13, but its so much more than just a night with music and fun. “I think this will be an amazing opportunity to use the Super Bowl platform to forge a partnership with the NFL to foster inclusion of the LGBT community,” Tuaolo said. “These are the kinds of things we need to do, to build things like this.”

The party will include a silent auction as it is a fundraiser.   There will also be the chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl, among other prizes.

It is also being endorsed by the NFL and the NFL Legends, as well as the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee. Adidas is also sponsoring.   How awesome is that?

He hopes this will serve as a beacon of hope for gay NFL players living lives of secrets.

“I played in the NFL,” he said. “I understand the things I’ve gone through and the things our brothers in the closet are going through. When you create something like this you put something on the table to be talked about.”

If you are in Minneapolis tonight and want to go, click here


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