Tracy Young Brings A KD Lang Classic To The Dance Floor

If there is any vocalist whose smooth tones and distinct vocals deserve to be showcased on the dance floors, it is, without a doubt, KD Lang. Her remix compilation Makeover has garnered a massive amount of attention (and positive reviews), but it’s the brand new remix to her single ‘Constant Craving’ (courtesy of Grammy winning remixer and producer Tracy Young) that has gotten even longtime Lang loyalists buzzing. Young’s remix keeps the purity of the original track with Lang’s distinctly stunning vocals, yet layers it with down-tempo beat and twinkling chords. The result crafts a brand new dance-ready sound for Lang, courtesy of one of the best remixers in the business today. 


Her collaboration with the stunning chanteuse definitely presented its own musical challenges though. Young says  “I felt a lot of pressure making this remix. KD has one of the purest voices in music and it was important to maintain its integrity while also redefining the single for today’s dancefloor.” Young goes on to say “With all of my music, my goal is always to empower and deliver positive messages of peace, love and music to all.”

Young’s stunning remix of ‘Constant Craving’ is one of Young’s brand new products for 2021. In addition to remixing KD Lang, Young is merging European and American sounds with a remix for Duncan James on his track ‘Doin’ Enough’ (through her own record label FEROSH). A portion of the proceeds from the remix of this anthem are being donated by Young & James to support at risk LGBTQ youth with both the Trevor Project in the States and the Albert Kenney Trust in the UK.


Additionally, Tracy Young & Debbie Gibson have formed a musical partnership, all sparked when Young presented Gibson with original instrumentals on two of Gibson’s classic 80’s tracks, ‘Foolish Beat’ & ‘Lost In Your Eyes’. Gibson instantly connected with the recreation of the track, and the artist now share producing and writing credits on them. Gibson’s record label StarGirl records is preparing to release Young’s newest tracks with this 80’s icon, ‘One Step Closer’ & ‘Love Don’t Care’. Young’s last collaboration with Gibson was for this past summer’s ‘Girls Night Out’ which saw massive play on dance floors everywhere. 

Tracy Young will headline Miami Pride on September 19th and Orlando Pride on October 9th.

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