Trading Pics, Videos, And Virtual Hookups Helped Scratch That Itch

(stock photo: Eddy Billard/Unsplash)

The popular gay dating app Grindr asked 10,000 users in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and India how their ‘socializing’ behaviors have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s just some of the results of the massive survey.


When it came to minimizing risk:

• 88% say discussing COVID safety helped them make a decision about whether or not to meet up with someone

• 69% say they’ve watched more porn

• 64% say they’ve been more likely to try new socially distant ways of meeting up


• 58% say they’re more interested in a long term relationship than they were before the pandemic

• 31% say they’ve hooked up with a mask on

(graphic via Grindr)

With the world socially distancing, folks got creative in how they scratched an itch. So, trading photos and virtual hookups became an important outlet:


• 71% say trading pictures and videos on Grindr helped them get off during the pandemic

• 59% of users say their sex drive has increased during the pandemic

• 51% think virtual hookups are sexy

• 48% say they’ve hooked up virtually during the pandemic


And while COVID has held the spotlight this past year in regard to health matters, respondents were asked how they maintained sexual health during the pandemic:

• 82% say they’re focusing on their sexual health more than ever

• 67% who were taking PrEP before COVID say they’ve continued taking it

• 63% plan on making up for lost time by hooking up more than usual after the pandemic #OverAchievers

(graphic via Grindr)

For more stats from the over 10,000 respondents, head over to the Grindr blog here.

Plus, the dating app partnered with Building Healthy Online Communities (BHOC) to compile the latest expert recommendations, with a focus on queer sexual health. Definitely worth checking out.

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