Trans Activist Gets In Caitlyn Jenner’s Face!

Trans Activist Gets In Caitlyn Jenner's Face!

Claims She'd Rather Be A 'Loud, Angry, Black, Trans Woman' Than A Dead One!

Ohhh, the tea is exceptionally good today.

It is no surprise that Caitlyn Jenner has became a controversial figure in the LGBTQ Community. She was once someone we collectively rooted for. Her making the cover of Vogue after her transition is still one of the most iconic memories of my life. Today, she isn't making headlines for being an inspirational figure. Jenner, a dedicated Republican, has been causing a stir with her naive views on the LGBTQ Community and her support for the Trump administration.

Trans Activist and Editor in Chief of Wear Your Voice Magazine, Ashlee Marie Preston, isn't having any of Jenner's tirades. Preston confronted Jenner after what appears to be a stage play somewhere in Los Angeles. Trust me, I've been snooping and couldn't find the exact venue or production. I'm assuming maybe a play with a heavy focus on the LGBTQ Community.

In the video below, Preston gets directly into Jenner's face. Jenner tries consoling, or listening, to Preston- who immediately wafts Jenner away! Knowing that Preston means business, Jenner taps a friend on the shoulder – seemingly for backup. Preston doesn't back down. She calls Jenner a fraud, bad for the Trans Community, and SO much more.

One of the women in the video questions why Preston is filming. In response, Preston claims to be disappointed with Trans Community who support a "f***ing fraudulent", Jenner.

Preston's video is slowly becoming a viral sensation. She's getting both supporters and haters. She isn't backing down from her awkward interaction with Jenner or for getting in the Olympian's face. In a follow up post to her video, she states:

Check out the full video of the awkward exchange below:

2 thoughts on “Trans Activist Gets In Caitlyn Jenner’s Face!”

  1. Push away from the dinner

    Push away from the dinner table boo. Class vs. trash. Not a fan of Jenner either, but no reason to jump on her like that. Actually  Go eat a burger bitch.

  2. Even though Caitlyn is a

    Even though Caitlyn is a messed up for her beliefs, Ashlee is beyond wrong for both filming it and just being disrespectful by starting a scene at a event. 


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