Trans Bank Robber Caught After Nose Job

Surveillance Footage via Gulfort Police Department

A transgender bank robber has committed another crime and could be facing prison time.

Jimmy Maurice Lewis II is a 37-year-old transwoman who seems to have a thirst in robbing banks. While she has already undergone her transition, her female name is unknown. (Though, some news sources are referring to her as the drag name Iconic Facce).


Lewis was arrested this past weekend for robbing a Mississippi bank on March 22. She was caught after getting a new nose job, according to the New York Daily News.

It’s currently unclear how much Lewis took from the BancorpSouth in Gulfport, Mississippi. According to the Smoking Gun, the police report says Lewis produced a note demanding cash before fleeing on foot.

Lewis was later caught by police at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas after arriving from a flight. It seems Lewis had just returned from Mexico after her cosmetic surgery. Now, Lewis is in a Houston jail while waiting to be moved to Mississippi.

Image via Houston Police Department

This isn’t the first time that Lewis has robbed a bank. In the last decade, Lewis made headlines for robbing a bank in Alabama, Georgia.

According to, Lewis, then 26, robbed the Alabama Credit Union in Decataur on November 9, 2007. Witnesses testify that Leis gave the credit union’s manager and teller a note demanding at least $20,000 in $100 bills.

Lewis was pre-transition at the time, so she wore artificial breast implants to present as her preferred gender. The prosecutors later argued that financing her sex-change was the motive for the robbery.

It was ultimately the fact that she was in pre-transition that led to her arrest. Lewis’s driver’s license was matched with that of surveillance footage at the credit union. Police tied the two photos together after realizing Lewis was transgender.


During the court hearing, Lewis fought against her court-appointed lawyer, James R. Engelthaler, and disrupted the trial in protest.

“I didn’t want him to represent me,” she stated. “He wasn’t the lawyer I hired.”

Despite the delay Lewis’s protests caused, she did not hire a different lawyer. Ultimately, she was sentenced to repaying the credit union, 51 months in prison, and two years on probation after release.

As for the current bank robbery crime, Lewis is awaiting her sentencing.

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