Trans Rights Ad Urges Massachusetts Voters To Be “Massholes Not A**holes”

When Massachusetts voters head to the polls tomorrow, an important item on the ballot will be Question 3, which asks if the state should keep its transgender rights law (“Yes” vote) or repeal it (“No” vote).


It’s clearly important that Bay Staters vote 'yes' to preserve these protections, not only for trans people in Massachusetts but also for the precedent it could for set for other states if the anti-discrimination law were to be rolled back.

If the repeal were to be successful, you can count on other states using the anti-trans campaign as a blueprint.

A new ad encouraging citizens in the Bay State to defend transgender equality has gone viral for its classically New England, tough-talking, no-nonsense approach.

It opens on a working class man wearing a hoodie in a bar speaking to the camera audience in a heavy Boston accent touting the qualities that exemplify a "Masshole" (yes, it's really a word).


“We bang U-ies wherever we want. No blinkah,” he begins. “We cut you off on the Pike, and then we slow it right the f**k down. And the second that light turns green, I’m honkin’. We use our grandmothers’ furniture to save our pahking spots. We drop our Rs and put them back in words that don’t even have ’em.”

The rant continues: “Manhattan clam chowder? The f**k is that?”

Along the way, he also finds a moment to mention sports and Boston’s 11 pro sports championships.

“We’ll still find something to bitch about on sports radio, and we’ll remind you who the f***in’ GOAT is… every… five… minutes,” he says.


But then, our Boston buddy changes lanes: “You know, our forefathers originally granted us this right, to be loud, proud, occasionally obnoxious, and that freedom is so important to us.”

“So, who are we to take away our neighbors’ liberties or revoke the law that protects their right to live a life free from discrimination?” he asks. “Or be biased against someone based on the gender they identify with?”

“We’re Massholes, but we’re no a**holes,” he concludes.

The spot was developed by an independent group, MassHolesNotA**


And while the official 'Yes On 3' folks appreciate the sentiment, they have distanced themselves from the ad in regard to not wanting to be viewed as calling those looking to repeal the 2016 public accommodation law ‘a**holes.’

The local spot has garnered over 200,000 views in just a few days.

You can watch the ad below. Warning: coarse language ahead.

And if you live in Massachusetts, get to the polls tomorrow and vote YES on 3.





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