Transgender Student Found Hanged After Complaining About Being Bullied On Campus.

I always say, if someone comes forward with a complaint, you need to listen.  Many of us do not complain until the issue has escalated and you cannot handle it on your own or it is effecting you deeply.  College student Gabriel Tinto, made official complaints about being bullied.  She was found dead this weekend.  Another death of a transgender individual.  We need to listen to our fellow human beings.


Tragic mature student Gabriel Tinto posted on social media that she was "isolated and angry" after relentless insults.

The 51-year-old wrote: "Getting frustrated about my voice again, it's the first thing people judge me by and instantly marks me as trans and the most common reason my gender is questioned. So isolating and nothing I can do to change it. I feel hopeless and angry about it, I'm instantly judged and there is nothing I can do to make people see further."

It has emerged the emotional post came on the same day the psychology student complained to Wiltshire College she was being bullied.

But later Gabriel, of Salisbury, Wilts., added on Facebook: "I am starting to believe the insults. I am tired and I can't see a happy ever after.  I got more abuse on Wednesday and I am having issues because of it."

Tragically, dog walkers found Gabriel hanged from a tree near a leisure centre on Wednesday morning, six days after her complaint.

Amanda Burnside, Wiltshire College principal, said everyone at the institution was saddened by the news.

She confirmed Gabriel had lodged bullying complaints.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: "Police are not treating the death as suspicious however enquiries are ongoing and a file will be prepared on behalf of H M Coroner for Wiltshire." –


My mind quickly jumped to murder since here in the United States we have seen 22 transgender individuals murdered this year alone.  Of course those are the ones that have been reported as involving transgender victims.  We often see that police and officials don't do an exceptionally well job reporting deaths for they will use the "born as" names and "original genders' in the reports and overshadowing that the case involves a transgender individual. 

Is this a case of suicide or is this a case of foul play? 

What do you think Instincters? 


Our thoughts are with Gabriel Tinto's family and friends and the transgender community.




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