‘Transmormon’: The Documentary Short We All Should Watch

Every one of us has a story to tell and it's by documenting and sharing our stories that we bridge the gap between tolerance and acceptance, a topic that hits home in the documentary short Transmormon.

The 15 minute film, documented by OHO Media, gives you a heart-felt glimpse into the life of transgendered youth Eri, formerly Eddie, as she and her family navigate her transition and finding her place within the Mormon Church months before she flew to Thailand to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.

These are the stories we should tell and these are the things—love and acceptance by our family and friends—that we should all be grateful for this holiday season; this includes both families by blood and those created by friends and loved ones we've chosen, particularly in a time when many around the world are not provided with such an opportunity.

Take a few minutes out of your holidays and watch this very important film here: videowest.kuer.org/transmormon

And after you're done watching, listen to the podcast held by radiowest (a sister station of videowest which houses the documentary short). Here's a description of the podcast discussion featuring Eri and her father:

We're talking about what journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely calls the final frontier of the LGBT movement: transgender youth. More parents and communities are debating how to raise kids who behave in ways that don't match their sex. Erdely joins us to talk about a Colorado family who sued their school for their child's right to be a girl. We'll also talk to Eri Hayward and her father. Eri is a young transgender woman from Utah County who, with the support of conservative LDS family, traveled to Thailand this summer for sexual reassignment surgery.

Listen here: radiowest.kuer.org/post/raising-transgender-kid



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  1. Where is the Transmormon

    Where is the Transmormon video? It was there a few hours ago, I shared it on Facebook. Someone left a nice comment and now the video is missing. Please put it back up. That's an amazing video and I think it could really possibly change some narrow minded people. Thank you!


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