Transphobic People Drops a Theory on Daniel Radcliffe’s Cisgender GF

Daniel Radcliffe’s pregnant, cisgender girlfriend Erin Darke has been a subject of misogynistic theories, suggesting that she is a closeted transgender woman.

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Author Suzanne Seddon posted a photo of the couple on Twitter, and on the caption, she wrote:


“This is Daniel Radcliffes (Harry Potter) Girlfriend. Now what do you see?,” followed by the woozy face emoji.

(c) Twitter: @GhawinRiver

Activists have pointed out that Seddon’s tweet seems to suggest that the actress is a transgender woman based on her height and facial structure. The original tweet caused a storm on the platform, including transphobic comments from anti-trans users, such as this one:


Pro-trans people clapped back at the transphobes, pointing out that their assumptions are misogynistic and rooted from patriarchal standards of beauty for women. They also pointed out that even if Darke was transgender, it would not (and should not) be an issue in the couple’s relationship.

Moreover, gender equality campaigner Gina Martin wrote:

“Suzanne brilliantly demonstrates here exactly how transphobia is also based in misogyny, how it’s all about unattainable and oppressive standards and actually nothing to do with trans women at all.”

She further explained:


“Clarifying here for those of you that think I don’t know that transphobia impacts every moment of trans peoples lives to say the last part of this tweet is tongue and cheek to intimates that transphobia is more about transphobes themselves than the trans people it targets.”

Darke and Radcliffe worked together in the 2013 film ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ where they filmed a sex scene. They went public about their relationship in 2014, and they are now expecting their first child, which is “an incredibly exciting time” for the couple according to a source of The Mirror.


5 thoughts on “Transphobic People Drops a Theory on Daniel Radcliffe’s Cisgender GF”

  1. Transphobes and terfs who denies trans people existing and complain about how trans women aren’t women would say stuff about how a cis woman isn’t a woman if she doesn’t look like a stereotypical woman. So are terfs protecting womanhood or are they projecting on how any woman should look, be, and do?

  2. I just wonder when people became so idiotic and talk out thier asses tell me something idiots if daniels girlfriend was transgender how would she become pregnant when a man becomes a woman the invert the mans penis to make a vagina they dont throw ovaries in there and wish them luck sometimes i think people while they were sleeping had thier brains sucked out grow the F up and just worry about the same sex person your screwing in the closet and keep lying to your husband and wife you make me sick i pray one day you learn to mind your own business…

  3. Why should people care who someone else is? Dating is beyond me if it’s a man, pretending to be a woman or a woman pretending to be a man who cares it’s their lives and not yours just let them live their lives and you live yours.

    • They aren’t “pretending” to be anything. That is how they TRULY feel. “Pretending to be” would mean that they weren’t being genuine to themselves nor who they really are or feel they are. Trans people aren’t “pretending” to be a member of the opposite gender, THAT is who they feel they are. In the future if you’re going to be an authentic ally you might want to consider this.

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  5. This whole thing is absurd in the most extreme. But Stupid People just prove their stupidity ever day, in every way!

    I’m not surprised she’s avoided the spotlight as Daniel’s girlfriend for reasons such as this one. Disappointing because she’s an actress and being in the spotlight is part of her job. Albeit not for her personal life!


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