Travel Thursday: Las Vegas Is Spiegelworld and We Are Loving It

My husband and I enjoy visiting Las Vegas often.  Each trip is always a treat, but each time we venture there, we seek out a new adventure. For our most recent journey, we actually planned our vacation mainly to experience Spiegelworld and all the shows it has to offer.



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We started off with Absinthe at Caesars Palace. This Spiegelworld production is described to be “the #1 greatest show in Las Vegas,” and it certainly lives up to that accolade. Absinthe has been on our radar for some time as its popularity has been high ever since it opened. 

As we entered the venue directly in front of Caesar’s Palace, the first thing that caught our eyes was the massive tent that was both quirky and festive. Patrons mingle around the grounds outside the tent before the show where they are able to grab a quick bite and drink under a beautiful glowing tree. We enjoyed the burger combo with tots and some cocktails while we waited for the show to start. There’s also a bar just inside the tent so you can continue to indulge during the show. Our seats for the show had a table, ideal for resting drinks on and to have a little more elbow and leg room.

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Absinthe is a mixture of comedy and circus-style acts hosted by a ringmaster who loves to hurl comedic insults at the audience. It’s funny, sexy and cool, with an emphasis on sexy. If you’re easily offended or reluctant to hear raunchy humor and innuendos, this is not the show for you as the banter is adult oriented. You may not want to sit in the first few rows if you don’t want to be part of the act. Banter and antics aside, the creative acts were all amazing and unlike any we’ve seen before in Las Vegas or anywhere else. In the end, we absolutely enjoyed Absinthe, and it was worth every penny. 




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For our next show, we headed to another Spiegelworld creation, the Atomic Saloon Show at the Venetian. From the second you walk in, the fun begins as you are transported to a Wild West saloon. The show had us laughing from start to finish and was full of surprises. With talented artists and sexy and hilarious acts, Atomic Saloon Show is another perfect offering for adults.  The amazing acrobatic and dance routines had us following all the hot men and sexy women across the venue. There’s also a particular bit with nuns that’s kinda blasphemous, but also incredibly funny and another one with nuns that had a fantastic reveal at end of the show. Don’t forget to check out their great array of cocktails – we certainly did!  Drinking was that much more enjoyable as we had gotten a booth to enjoy the show.


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On the second day of our Spiegelworld adventure, we headed to watch OPIUM, aka OPM, at the Cosmopolitan. OPIUM, with its outer space theme, provided us with a new set of laughs, risque humor, some nudity and an array of performances involving acrobatics, bubbles, and a whole lot more. There were many impressive acts, and the performers were really into their characters and seemed to be having a really good time in playing their quirky roles.

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Flamboyant is a good word to describe the whole vibe of the show. Its neon lights had us feeling like we were in a fun party space. And again, for this show, if you’re seated in the front rows, be prepared to be part of the show.  No other Las Vegas show has had me laughing, hooting and hollering as much as I did during OPIUM.


Out of the three shows we enjoyed, Absinthe, Atomic Saloon Show, OPIUM, I’m not going to attempt to pick a specific one as our favorite, as you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you had to choose only one to see, maybe a visit to might give you more insight. On a side note, we did notice that several alumni from America’s Got Talent have acts in the shows. Once you do see one of the Spiegelworld offerings, it’s likely you’ll want to experience the others, as they each have their own individual flavor, humor and style. Any one or ones you choose, you’re bound to be in for a great time.



Of course, our Las Vegas trip did not only feature the amazing Spiegelworld shows. We stayed at The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, quite a luxurious experience on it’s own. Truly one of the nicest accommodations that we’ve stayed at in Las Vegas so far, our room was beautiful and the service was excellent from check-in to check-out.


Las Vegas is known for its dining and we always look to eat well when visiting. We tried a few places during this trip with our recommendations starting off with Green Fairy Garden, where we ate prior to watching the Absinthe show, where foliage and LED lights decorated the area.

On our second day, my husband and I had brunch at Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano at the Venetian. It was a great way to start our morning, with dishes that were delicious and the service impeccable. We both opted for frittatas and a delicious Salmone Marinato, cured salmon served on a huge crisp potato with capers and more. For dessert, we stayed with the Italian theme and enjoyed some tasty Cannolis.

During our break between meals, we headed to the Gondola Ride at the Grand Canal Shoppes. This is a great photo opportunity for tourists. It was a fun experience overall, gliding through Venetian-inspired canals while a gondolier serenades you — nothing more we could ask for, really.



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For dinner, we headed to Superfrico, a Speigelworld restaurant located at the Cosmopolitan. Spoiler Alert: We absolutely loved it! Described as an “Italian American Psychedelic,” Superfrico does not disappoint. The food, the atmosphere, and oh my, did I mention the food!?! From the moment you’re seated, you realized this is not your typical restaurant. The eclectic atmosphere includes a full Speigelworld experience, from incredible artwork adorning practically every available spot, servers who make mozzarella from scratch tableside while explaining the process and live acts that perform short bits as they make their way around the restaurant. And the acts, these are not any acts, they are performers from Spiegelworld’s OPIUM, located next door to the restaurant.

The food itself is as as unique as it is delectable. As mentioned, we highly recommend the Tableside Mozzarella, which is served with specialty cold meats, olives and tomatoes – but it’s hard to go wrong with any choice. In fact, we also ended up choosing another Hamachi Crudo appetizer, which had a unique dressing that took it to the next level – highly recommended. For the main course, my husband chose the Market Fish Piccata while I picked the Chicken Parm with Spaghetti Pomodoro. We were having such a good time with the food and entertainment that we lost track of time. As a result, we had to rush out before having the chance to order dessert. Either way, we are definitely going back as this has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in Las Vegas. Truly a must-visit.


We can’t leave out the drinks, can we? After the OPIUM show, we headed straight to the Ski Lodge at the Cosmopolitan, which is a cabin-style bar. This one, I would say, was a hidden gem that I’m glad we discovered.  To give you and indication of how good it was, the place was so packed there was line waiting to get in. With a cozy vibe, the place had an intimate feel. It’s a great place to hang out a bit after the show.


And that was the end of this trip. It was genuinely a laughter-filled experience, thanks to the various realms of vibrant entertainment that we delved into. It’s just what my husband and I needed in order to take a break from it all, and being able to experience the hilariously entertaining world of Spiegelworld Las Vegas, this trip was definitely the right choice for us.

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