Travel Thursday Round Up. Where Did We Go In 2018? (Part 2)

I started off our previous 2018 travel summation piece, Travel Thursday: 2018 Trips That Were The Tops (Part I), with stating that we love our travel. When I published that piece on December 21st, it was at the beginning of a 19-day trip to the Pacific Northwest.  I'll share my travels to Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and our continuing love affair with Fairmont Hotels over the next couple of months, but let's finish the recap our 2018 year of travel with Part 2 of our Travel Thursday Round Up.  

In no special order, here is the second half or our list with some pics and some text from the original posts. Click on the Travel Thursday to get the full content.

London, England

Taking the leap to travel overseas is a big accomplishment for some, but for others, you are pulled by some force to get on that plane and go for it.  Our writer from Philadelphia took the plunge to skip across the pond.  It was magical.

Travel Thursday: London, England – From Cursed Children to Gay Heavens

A year ago, I decided to buy tickets to see the Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This was both because of my being a major Harry Potter fan and also because right before that I had just had my first trip abroad. After realizing just how accessible the rest of the world really was, I was ready to explore it again.

And finally, earlier this month, the time to see the United Kingdom had come.

Smaller US Cities That Grabbed Us And Never Let Go.

My luggage has put on many miles, traveling somewhere new just about once every month, I get to see a lot of the country, but some of my favorite places this year were not the largest cities in the nation, but the still good sized cities that may not be on people's first choice to visit.  I have very fond memories from these four cities mentioned below, making new friends, eating great food, indulging in the arts, and thinking about moving to each and every one of them. I am not sure if I could hold one above the other.  In some cities I experienced some of the gay scene, met some great fellow rainbow family members, but others I did no ROYGBIV activities, even though they had things to offer, but instead soaked up what the city truly had to offer any human being.

Travel Thursday: It Isn't Just The Chicken That's Hot In Nashville, Tennessee

Travel Thursday: Did We Say Boise, Idaho? Why Yes We Did!

Travel Thursday: Portland, Oregon – Supreme Food Scene, Premier Brewing, & A Gay Night Life That Bares It All

Travel Thursday: Sacramento's Farm-to-Fork Festival Stimulates All Our Senses

Key West

It's not the end of the earth, but it is the end of the road.  Key West, Florida is a place for anyone and everyone, people looking for something, and those looking for nothing.  I've been visiting Key West at least twice every year for the past 5 year as it is an amazing ride from Miami to the end of Route 1. One of my trips coincided with another one of our writers being down at the end of Florida.  This was the first time I would meet Devin in person. We shared a breakfast and some drinks during the trip, but if you read both posts, you will see we had very different experiences, and that's a great thing.

Travel Thursday: Explore The Water Sports, Gay Spaces, And Local Atmosphere Of Key West

At the southernmost point of the United States of America, there lies an island full of culture, fun, and small town atmosphere.

The island of Key West originated as a close-knit community and artistic hub before revamping into a vacation destination in the mid-twentieth century. On top of that, the island has a strong gay community and appeal for vacationers. So, if you’re looking for the best spot to plan your next vacation, here’s some info about why you should pick Key West.

Travel Thursday: When Key West Calls, The Ocean Key Resort & Spa Has The Answer.

In all my travels to Key West, I’ve always stayed with a very good friend.  Now that she has moved back to New Hampshire, It was time for me to find a different place to stay than a guest room. Since I had been to Key West many times, walked around, knew where all the hot spots were, I knew where I desired to be and at which resort I wanted to stay.

Ocean Key Resort & Spa at 0, yes, zero Duval Street was to be my home for the next three days and two nights.  Arriving at the resort, I was greeted by the handsome hockey knowledgeable valet, Jeremy. He was the first and last face I would see staying there and all others at the resort would follow his lead of having a pleasurable and helpful personality. Cara Johnson, Director of Sales & Catering, would later give me a tour of the picturesque resort, educating me on everything from the spa to the hand-painted ceiling tiles in the Hot Tin Roof Restaurant to the soon to be reconstructed Sunset pier.

San Francisco

We were fortunate to have two different writers experience San Francisco this year, one was "unexpected" and the other was hungry for the chance. 

Travel Thursday: The Ultimate Guide to an Unexpected San Francisco

David is one of our writers from southern California, so having his California take on the northern part of his state. 

San Francisco, the biggest and baddest city on the West Coast, is a must-experience destination that has been one of the key players in California history. From its majestic Golden Gate and Bay bridges, to the richness found in Chinatown and around its diverse neighborhoods, San Francisco is the city that will make you feel like you are in a different place with each corner you turn.

It’s the place I go to when I’m sick of Southern California and want to feel like I am not in California. I know that sounds weird, but that’s totally the feeling SF gives you. The bay area, and Northern California in general, comes with different sensibilities. So if you go there, know you aren’t in typical California—and don’t you dare call it ‘San Fran’ or ‘Frisco’—they’ll make you into clam chowder!


Travel Thursday: Embark on a Delicious Foodie Journey in San Francisco

Ryan, our New York City resident was able to get his Yankee bum over to the west coast and see how the Californians did things.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I scoff at the idea that any other city can compare to ours in many facets, one of which being the types of food my The Big Apple has to offer.

Yes, every city has their claim that they are the best when it comes to the diverse culinary scene they have, but I wholeheartedly believe that the only part of the United States that rivals NYC when it comes to food has to be San Francisco.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This past week found me buying a home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I had been renting for about 5 years, traveling quite frequently, and coming home to one of the more accepting, relaxing communities out there. It was time to set down roots for at least another 5 years if not more. Within the embrace of Fort Lauderdale is an island city known as Wilton Manors, one of the gayest places (per capita) in the nation, and basically where they boys are.  I often write about what I know and I know where I live. 

Travel Thursday: When Home Happens To Be One Of The Best LGBTQ+ Places To Live In The US

I often write a Travel Thursday posts about one of my wonderful trips, going to Tel Aviv Pride, Puerto Vallarta Pride, visiting Scottsdale, Arizona, spending time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, enjoying a weekend in Key West, and so on (I do love my job!), but I also write about my staycations here, where I live, in Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors, Florida.  My trips are amazing, but staying home and enjoying what I have here is just as great.  When friends visit me from out of state, they always ask, what is it like to live in a Gay Mecca?  I guess when you live here, you don’t think about it.

Besides being a place that has 15 gay bars within 5 blocks, quick access to one of the best beaches in the world, and a climate with about 2 days of winter and the rest of the year it’s all summer, Wilton Manors, Florida just knows how to embrace the gay as well as embrace life.

Travel Thursday: Fort Lauderdale Has Something for Everyone, Especially Water Lovers. From Beaches to Boats to Boys to Bon Voyage.

Besides partying it up on the drive, enjoying great cuisine, and soaking up all of the Florida rays, people move to and visit Fort Lauderdale because of its healthy relationship with the water.  Being from Maine and enjoying the lakes, rivers, and the coastline of New England, the interaction one can have with water in Fort Lauderdale has been a great perk while living here as well as a great draw for tourists. 

Visitors and residents can clearly see that the nickname Fort Lauderdale: Venice of America is quite appropriate, for the city offers easy access to The Salt Life, with its busy cruise ship port, affordable and accessible water taxi program, watercraft rentals, and its world-renowned beaches

Remembering where we've been and what made those places special will invigorate us for our travel this year. If you know of a place we need to visit, let me know at or you can send suggestions or other story ideas to the magazine at

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  1. I just returned from two

    I just returned from two weeks in the UK. I spent the Christmas holiday with friends and family in Glasgow, but spent a bit of time in both St. Andrew's and Burntisland, a village across the Firth from Edinburgh.  Then five days in London.  I've been there before, so I've done a lot of touristy things. This time, I continued the tradition of dinner in Chinatown the first night, then went to Foyle's Bookstore and Fopp. I went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, but the line was down the block and I had a lunch date, so I just took a picture of the statue. Spent hours at the magnificent Victoria and Albert Museum, which has an exceptional theater collection, fashion collection, sculptures and more.

    Of course, London means theater, and the first show I saw this time was Switzerland, a new play about lesbian writer Patricia Highsmith, who confronts a young man whose publishing company wants a new Mr. Ripley novel. It was a two-hander and starred Phyllis Logan, who played Mrs. Bridges in Downton Abbey.  The National Portrait Gallery is fantastic as well, so a visit is a must. Saw a dazzling production of 42nd Street at the Theater Royal Drury Lane. The highlights this time, however, were a visit to Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII's palace, which has been restored in all its glory and a Baroque concert at St. Martin in the Fields.  Tickets are reasonable and this is a lovely experience. The UK is full of treasures. Enjoy them!


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