Travel Thursday: Where Do We Go To Get Our DRYNK On?

When it’s Thirsty Thursday and you need a little boost to make it to Friday, where do you go?  Do you look for the hole in the wall venue?   Do you look for the perfect wine bar?  Here are some of our favorite stops from New England to New Orleans.


Mainestreet, Ogunquit, Maine

Put this bar and this cute little beach town on your map to visit as the snow melts and the bathing suits come on.  Maine summers are some of the best in the country and Ogunquit is one of the best little accepting beach towns out there.  Belly up to the main bar, show room bar, or the roof top deck bar and you’ll get great service from any of the staff.  Can you please say hello to Heather and Eddie when you visit?  Much appreciated.  

May it be just enjoying a relaxing time in the fresh air and drink in hand after visiting one of the best beaches in the nation, dare I say world, or may it be getting ready to enjoy cutting up one of the two dance floors, make this a definite stop when you are in New England. 

Shipwreck Lounge, Provincetown, Massachusetts

So many watering holes, so little time in P-Town.  One of our musts when visiting is the Shipwreck Bar.  Every place feels like you are on vacation, but this place as less of the “who’s checking me out here” mentality.  Relax inside or out, the shipwreck bar is where we go to just be with friends and maybe make new ones. If it’s a cool summer night on the cape, get a seat by a fire pit or buy someone a drink and make a cuddle buddy. 

The Bike Stop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dark, mysterious, open, and friendly.  We found this bar during a stay in Philadelphia one Thanksgiving weekend.  Now it is one of our desired spots to check out when coming back through the city.  We stumbled into the place, expecting to have a drink and stayed for more.

Here’s a review from ZAGAT that we totally agree with:

No one is drawn to this long-running LGBT “dive” bar in Washington Square West for its decor (“there isn’t any”), but that doesn’t stop it from getting “packed” with the “bear, biker and leather” crowds, as well as anyone with an “adventurous side”; the vibe is “friendly”, and the multilevel space works as both a “chill spot to watch the ballgame” and a forum for fetish-friendly partiers.

Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Drinking on any night in Fort Lauderdale, one has 15 gay options within a small 7 blocks or so.  Stumble here, stumble, there, but if you’re stumbling too much, you may have had too many of the $3 Long Islands served at Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar Fort Lauderdale Provincetown Trinity Neptune Michaelangelo WhatsApp McMasters.  All kidding aside, well maybe not,  the long island is as long as the name of this place.  The 8 inch canning jar (size queens will be happy) can contain about 6 to 8 (we forget) different flavors of long islands.  I usually are told I need to come here after picking up my friends after they land at the airport at 11:30 PM.  No arm twisting needed for we always have a great time. 

DRYNK Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We’re going to mention two in Fort Lauderdale since our managing editor lives there and samples the venues quite often.  DRYNK Bar & Lounge is one of the newest venues on the Drive in Wilton Manors and it is unlike any other. From the large steer head mounted on the wall to the textured wallpaper, this is definitely both bar and lounge and both highly enjoyed by all.  It’s a small venue and fills up fast with a vibrant crowd.  Editor’s note … If my parents were not in town and non-drinkers, I would be there right after I publish this piece. Daddy needs some infused tequila. 

801 Bourbon Bar, Key West, Florida

Hands down, one of the best drag shows we’ve seen in a great long time. The girls do change and some are more up my alley when it comes to drag, but seriously, every single performer hits it out of the park.  With a rotation of girls that seems to involve NYC, you’ll find a new favorite.  Drink upstairs while you enjoy the show or stay on the bottom floor and enjoy chatting with locals, tourists, or just watch the crowd go by.

Flip Side Bar & Patio Mobile, Alabama

Yes, I said Mobile, Alabama.  Actually, people were telling me it is pronounced Muh-Beel with the stress on the second syllable.  We stopped in here on the way from Florida to New Orleans.  To our surprise, we had an epic time, so much so that we looked for a hotel to stay the night.  The boys and clientele at Flip Side were so much fun, we were smiling from the moment we walked in the door.  Now it could have been just the night and just the right mix of sexy bartender and welcoming bar-goers, or it may be like this every night.  Mark our words, we will be back to see if we can repeat the great time we had in Muh-Beel. 

Cafe Lafitte in Exile New Orleans, Louisiana

There are hundreds of watering holes in New Orleans.  Not all of them need to be on Bourbon Street, but I will mention this one, Cafe Lafitte in Exile as one of our more consistent bars to have a simple and enjoyable time at. There are others off the strip, non-gay options that have our heart as well, but for a gay ol’ time in the Big Easy, we will plop our buns down at this bar at least once during every trip. No go-go boys, no flair, and usually no cover are fine by us. The more tourist trap gay bars, we haven’t set foot in them for years since they usually are charging a cover, too packed, too expensive, and too, just too much. When we are thirsty and want an easy and good time, Lafitte in Exile is a tried and true option.

We were hoping to mention the rest of the nation, but we think it’s time to head out and enjoy a beverage or three.  We’ll get to the other half of the country in a future post. 

Or do you have some recommendations for our readers on the rest of the nation? 

Did we overlook your favorite East Coast watering hole?  Let us know!



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