Traveling LOVED Art Gallery Celebrates The Exposed Male Body In All Its Forms

Charlie Hunter and Mike Wyeld next to one of the art pieces / Image via Facebook @lovedgallery

An art gallery all about bear culture is being celebrating for focusing on body positivity.

LOVED is a new art show being housed in London. The artwork centers on men of varying body types but all living under the subculture of gay bears. The art was illustrated by Charlie Hunter and the gallery’s videos were created by Mike Wyeld.

Talking to NBC News, Hunter says the focus of the gallery is to celebrate and love one’s body no matter the shape.

“It’s called LOVED so I’d like to think that people when they come here learn to love themselves a little bit more and love others as well,” he said.

Wyeld later added:

“Some of the things that the media’s obsessed with — obesity, weight loss, body shape, aging — some of these things we have to be happy with. We get bigger, we get older. You can fight it and be miserable or you can accept it and live with the body that you have and love it.”

The art gallery is currently wrapping up in London and then will move on to the European country of Estonia. Who knows where it will go from there.

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