Traveling_Butts Are Booted!

Traveling_Butts Are Booted!

Offensive, Viral Photo Causes Couple To Delete Instagram!

Another day, another controversy that could’ve easily been avoided. I’ve seen the Traveling_Butts Instagram randomly. To make you more familiar, the @Traveling_Butts boys are a married, gay couple who taken photos in various places around the globe with their bare rears towards the camera. Yes, the narcissism and silliness of a simple stunt has garnered the duo over 50 thousand followers combined. And, well, the butts are worth a second or third glance. But, in general, the move is a bit tacky and I’m certain if the men are this creative, they could’ve found a reason aside from showing off their bodies to gain attention.

Anyway, the couple, Travis and Joseph, are in such hot water that they’ve deleted their @Traveling_Butts Instagram! As they damn well should have! Their stunt comes to an end due to their moronic decisions.

During their most recent adventure, the couple set off to Bangkok, Thailand to release their bums into other parts of the world. To no surprise, the couple dropped their pants and had their rears as the center focus for photographs in Thailand. They decide to take photos in front of War Arun and Wat Pho, sacred, Buddist temples. Yeah, it sounds completely smart to be nude around sacred temples, guys. What were you thinking?!

I originally discovered the outrage on NextShark, where they translated horrific, homophobia slurs that were left all over the couple’s since-deleted Instagram. There are also cries of outrage at the lack of education American tourists may possibly have on their overseas vacations. The homophobic comments are completely unnecessary, but it is no surprise that these remarks are immediately thought of each time a homosexual does something offensive. The couple has started a chain reaction of ignorance with their latest photo shoot. I’ll be watching closely to see if they issue an apology, but it is safe to say their viral fame is over.

Do you deem the Traveling_Butts photographs inappropriate?

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