Trevor Noah Wants A “White-Lady Nickname” For Jussie Smollett


What does Trevor Noah think of the latest Jussie Smollett situation?

Recently, we shared with you the news that Smollett was indicted on six new counts of disorderly conduct. The Chicago police have accused Smollett of lying about being the victim of a racist and anti-gay hate crime last January. To make matters worse for Smollett, the two men arrested for the crime say they worked with the Empire actor to stage the attack.

Throughout every step of the Smollett case, Daily Show host Trevor Noah has shared his own insight and thoughts. And this latest update is no different. Noah recently referred to the defamed star as a “black Pinochhio” and said Smollett needs a “white-lady nickname.”

“Yes, Jussie Smollett is back in the headlines, this time for being indicted for reporting a fake hate crime,” Noah said. “And it really sounds bad, until you remember that his plan all along was to get a recurring storyline that doesn’t go away. This is what he wanted!

In relation to the “white-lady nickname” comment, Trevor Noah made the point that many white women, such as BBQ Becky or Permit Patty, have made headlines for falsely reporting crimes and have walked away without punishment.

“And look, I know what Jussie did was wrong, but at the same time I kind of feel bad for him, because he gets into trouble now for calling in fake crimes, but those Permit Patties who made those bullshit calls to 911, they live their lives,” Noah added. “They just do their thing. Maybe that should be Jussie’s punishment: he should be forced to get a white-lady nickname. Everywhere he goes, people will be like, ‘Well, well, well, there goes Subway Smollett!’” 

To watch the entire segment and commentary, watch the video below.

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