Trixie Mattel’s Cover Album is Out Now

Trixie Mattel has certainly been keeping busy during the pandemic. In December the artist hosted the 10th Annual Streamy Awards with UNHhhh co-star Katya from a big tour bus and her YouTube channel has surpassed 1.3 million subscribers. Trixie even became co-owner of hometown Milwaukee’s oldest gay bar This Is It! earlier this year.


Now, the Drag Race super star has released Full Coverage Vol. 1, a four-song EP that features covers of some of Trixie’s favorites. This is a departure from Trixie’s other albums, Two Stones, One Bird, and Barbara where the artist released original music.


The covers included on Full Coverage Vol. 1 have the perfect Trixie Mattel flavor fans love. The songs featured include Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games”; Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun”, Cher’s “Believe”, and a collaboration between Trixie and BFF Orville Peck for Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash’s “Jackson”.

Weeks ago Trixie teased a collab with Peck on 04/30 and the children were shooketh (FYI, Trixie hates children)


Along with the release of Full Coverage Vol. 1, a music video for “Jackson” premiered on Mattel’s YouTube page today.


In February, Trixie released the video for her cover of “Blister In the Sun” where she gave us crossword puzzle realness.


Listen to Trixie Mattel put tons of eyeshadow and seven sets of lashes on the songs you love and listen to Full Coverage Vol. 1 below. The album is available wherever you get your music!


Source: Trixie Mattel YouTube

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