‘Trophy Boy’ Dives Into How Unreal Social Media Can Be

You know all those studs we follow on social media who have hundreds of thousands of followers and appear to be living their #bestlife at all times?

The short film Trophy Boy breaks down that concept to its very core, where the “Trophy Boy” in question goes from living a plush and lavish life to having his #fakelife be exposed once his wealthy sugar daddy cuts him off.

Directed by Emrhys Cooper, the 13-minute short is just a sampling of what’s to come. It’s being turned into a television series where the pilot has already been shot. Emrhys also stars as what the film is centered on, a character named James. It also features Gerald McCullouch, who starred in all three Bear City movies and the popular webseries Hustling.

The preview to the short can be seen below. It will be released on Vimeo worldwide on October 22. More info here.


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