Trouble In Paradise?-What Is Happening With The Ice Palace On Fire Island?

This past weekend, a Facebook post went out from a page called Fire Island News that set the LGBT community of New York City (and adjacent) abuzz. The words “BREAKING: Ice Palace Condemned” along with a sign on the futon of the establishment sent a shiver up the spine of any one who just put the final payment down on their house or has started making their Memorial Day travel plans to Fire Island. Fire Island is so popular and magical that it has been the subject of documentaries, movies, and even a book by hilarious author Greg Scarnici (Dungeons And Drag Queens). Having the Ice Palace not be a part of the Summer 2019 season would truly be a game changer for Fire Island and the tourists, locals, and businesses the have come to rely on this time of the year as crucial. The Ice Palace specifically has become one of the premier destinations for many of the local residents as well as visitors of Fire Island, and not having poolside cocktails and shows by some of our favorite queens would leave a true gap in many social calendars this summer.

Thankfully, it looks like rumors of the Ice Palace’s early demise have been greatly exaggerated. Robbie Ranger, bartender and Bar Manager at The ice Palace took to Facebook after word spread about the issues surrounding The Ice Palace and is quoted as saying ‘In the process of converting wet to dry sprinkler system that’s why it’s unsafe until complete. Yes sucks for all business owners and there staff including myself along with the community, however this is the last piece of a puzzle to complete what was a disaster that started many years ago not by us. Thank you for you’re patience while we work through this. Truly will be a great season. Thank you all who have shown their empathy”.

With no official statement being released by the Ice Palace itself, and with World Pride inhabiting New York City for the last weekend of June (coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of The Stonewall Riots) New York City is expected to see a Pride season like they have never seen before. As we watch this story unfold, here’s hoping The Ice Palace and the dynamic and resilient community of Fire Island have many more seasons ahead of them.

I mean, where ELSE will you get to grab a cocktail and watch Brenda Dharling death drop into the pool?

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  1. More exciting news is that the legend herself Electra is returning this year to the ice palace as entertainment coordinator as well as performing her award winning one woman shows!
    This summer will have amazing new things happening at the ice palace !


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