Troye Sivan Dropped A New EP!

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Troye Sivan is back with new music!

The 25-year-old Golden Globe nominee released a new EP earlier today called In A Dream. The six-song EP covers concepts and thoughts of escapism, growing up, and wanting to enjoy youth for as long as it lasts. Sivan does this through songs like “Take Yourself Home,” “Easy,” and “Rager teenager!” As for why In A Dream is an EP and not a full album, Sivan says it’s because he didn’t plan to make an album in the first place.


“I didn’t go in thinking I was going to write an album,” Troye Sivan told Apple Music. “That’s why I don’t have an album. I’ve got an EP because I was just kind of going through a lot and I just wanted to start writing. And I didn’t know what I was writing for. And I didn’t know this EP is such a weird little thing in that all of these songs sound pretty different from each other. And I think the through line, through all of them, is just that I felt like I needed to write that day. Especially with ‘Easy.’”

The new songs also celebrate Sivan’s committed and loving fan base, something he acknowledged outside of the EP too.

“You guys are my rocks, fr. A constant in my life. Love you and I mean that,” Troye said on social media at the EP’s release.


Troye Sivan then elaborated to Apple Music how he found acceptance on the internet.

“I mean, I made my first YouTube video in 2007,” he reasoned. “And YouTube was one year old at the time. So it just was a really innocent space. And I was 12, and so I was really innocent. And it was really pure and really nice. And I think I am still in a way that sort of school, that education from those early years of you got to connect with people in a real way.”

Sivan later added, “I think, yeah, for me, it’s like when I think back to how formative the internet was for me as a person, even coming out I didn’t have a real life LGBTQ community around me. And so to find one online, the internet literally shaped who I am as a person, personally. And so not even publicly, like actual made me who I am. So for me to kind of be vulnerable in the sort of public space or in the online space, I think is something that just has come kind of naturally. I will say, though, releasing this song, I’ve never felt this uncomfortable before.”


This new EP also comes a week after Sivan’s six-year anniversary since he released his first major-label EP TRXYE. That EP reached the top five of the Billboard 200. Then his second album Bloom was named one of the best albums of 2018 by Rolling Stone, USA Today, and more.

We’ll see how Sivan’s new EP fairs. If you want to check it out yourself, you can listen through all major music streaming services.

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