Troye Sivan Drops ‘Rush’ Music Video and the Gays Are Living for It!

Troye Sivan finally dropped the much awaited music video for his new song “Rush” and the gays are absolutely living for what is now dubbed as the “gay bop of the summer.”

(c) Instagram: @troyesivan

The 28-year-old Australian singer-songwriter has been posting V sexy teaser photos ahead of his latest hit single’s release, and the wait was worth it, as the “Rush” music video is indeed “the steamiest of steamy music videos,” as per PinkNews.


The video depicts a freeing sense of celebration to queer sexuality — featuring shirtless and sweaty bodies enjoying hazy, drunk days, a lot of make out sessions, and a wild party in a public restroom, among many other raunchy scenes.

Not to mention, Sivan is dancing, grinding and kissing all while looking V sexy wearing a jockstrap. It’s not just the song title — the music video itself embodies the meaning of the word “Rush,” and that’s exactly what you’ll feel after listening to the song and watching the video.

(c) Instagram: @troyesivan

Speaking of which, the “Angel Baby” singer recently revealed what gives him the rush these days, sharing:


“Oh! Well, a lot of things [laugh]. I’m sort of unintentionally sober. I don’t do drugs, and a huge night of drinking for me is maybe, like, four drinks and then I’m off my face. So for me it’s really good music with my friends, or even by myself.”

“But really good music in a loud, sweaty environment…I feel like when I’m out dancing you start feeling self-conscious and you’re very aware of how your body is moving, and then suddenly—it could be a song—something shifts and changes and you’re like, Okay, I’m here. That for me is one of the best feelings in the world,” – Vogue.

Moreover, Sivan’s third studio album called Something to Give Each Other is described as a “celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love and friendship,” and it is scheduled to be released on October 13.

In the meantime, feel the “Rush” by watching this super steamy new music video:


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