Troye Sivan Strips Down “My My My” Into An Acoustic Version

South African-born/Australian-lived singer Troye Sivan has dropped an acoustic version to his electropop single “My My My.”

While we were originally distracted by the sexual tones of the first version’s music video, this latest version gives us the chance to really appreciate the lyrics and meaning behind the song.

The video that goes along with this new version of “My My My,” which you can watch below, has Sivan’s performance stripped down to the bare essentials in a nearly empty room.

On top of that, Sivan has also announced more information about his upcoming album. For instance, he’s shared that Ariana Grande will be featuring in one song.

Also, don’t forget that Troye Sivan isn’t just a singer, but he also has an acting gig coming up in the near future.

Sivan is set to appear in the movie adaption of the conversion therapy memoir Boy Erased along aside Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

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