Troye Sivan Talks About All Things Sex in Latest Interview

Troye Sivan recently made an appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low podcast where he spilled the tea on all things about his sex life.

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The 28-year-old Australian singer-songwriter opened up about his realization not to take sex too seriously, stating:


“I started to realize that sex is kind of like, inherently hilarious to me… it sort of just reminds me of animals. And I think that kind of made it so much less serious. I’m like, ‘this is hilarious that I want to do that to you.’ So that’s what I want to do. Like that is insane.”

He also touched on the topic of kinks, and how he became more open to it after his realization about sex.

“It made me way more, like kink positive and stuff like that, because I’m like, ‘Oh this is already ridiculous that I want to do that. So, sure, let’s go,’” Sivan shared.

(c) Instagram: @troyesivan

Moreover, the “Rush” singer addressed the assumptions that he is a “power bottom” after his song “Bloom” was released in 2018. According to him,

“I wrote this one song called ‘Bloom,’ right? It’s about bottoming. And the lyric is ‘I bloom just for you.’”

“People took that and ran [with it] like, [in] the sort of consciousness of gay people I’m some crazy power bottom or something, which is just not the case. And I just wanted to put that out there,” Sivan explained.

He even shared that “sometimes people are surprised maybe if they go on a date with me” when they learn that he’s not a bottom. The “Angel Baby” singer also clarified that he doesn’t mind the assumptions about him being a bottom, saying that it’s “the coolest thing in the world.”

However, Sivan further noted that it’s “just not true.”


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  1. I feel like he needs to retake that pic of himself in the chaps one without any underwear on & another in a jockstrap. I mean give the gays what they want Troye or at least this gay.

  2. Seriously, a pair of tighty whities under a pair of leather chaps? I don’t think so. Where is his jockstrap? I’ve never seen a man in leather chaps who wasn’t wearing a jockstrap, unless he was naked!


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