Troye Sivan Trolls Anti-Gay Bigot With Dedicated Show

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Troye Sivan is giving us the gay agenda, and we’re loving it.

This Wednesday, the Bloom singer served fans the gay agenda while at the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne. The venue was named after a former tennis star who is famous for being anti-LGBTQ. Court has claimed that tennis is “full of lesbians,” compared gay people to Nazis, and stated that same-sex love is the will of Satan.

With all that surrounding the personality and former athlete, Sivan couldn’t help himself but find irony in his performance at the venue. Despite not outright pointing out the venue’s name and significant, Sivan did make a little comment on it.

“I believe someone in this court is not straight,” he joked.

But that wasn’t the only LGBTQ-related commentary Sivan shared that night. During the performance, a fan yelled out, “I will turn gay for you!”

Responding wonderfully, Sivan said back, “I don’t think that’s how that works. But I’m still down, I appreciate it. God this is really the gay agenda.”

This incident spotlights just how much Sivan’s life has changed in the past few years. Now a 24-year-old world-renown artist, Sivan originated as a YouTube singer just barely out of the closet.

While recently talking to the Brisbane Times, Sivan shares the significance of his song “Heaven.” Sivan shares it centers on his coming out story and the struggle he felt at the time.

“So I wrote this song a good few years ago now, it was on my first album,” South African-born, Perth-raised star said.

“I wrote it about my coming out experience and you know when you are like 13 and you are coming to terms with your sexuality it involves having some very big conversations with yourself.

“Including but not limited to … am I going to hell? Am I going to get married? And then realising that is not even legal, because it wasn’t at the time.

“It’s a lot to think about for a little baby brain and it was a really scary time for me and thank God I got to the other side of that and realised I was cool with myself and that is all that really matters.”

In the following decade, Sivan has gone from Internet star to singer, actor, and artistic personality. And through it all, he’s tried to remain faithful to that little kid just barely out of the closet. But if that kid could see Sivan performing at the Margaret Court Arena, we’re sure he’d be very proud.

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