Troye Sivan’s Tired Of The Bottom Talks

Troye Sivan talks first impressions with his boyfriend and rejecting the gay icon label / Screenshot via YouTube @Vogue

Give Troye Sivan a break.

We’re one day off from the one year anniversary of when Australian actor Troye Sivan dropped his title single “Bloom.” At the time, the song was celebrated for its lyrics. The song spotlighted Sivan’s blossoming interest in tacking his sexual side alongside his romantic side. But when the singer posted a Tweet saying “Bops ‘bout Bottoming,” the South African-born talent unknowingly opened a can of worms.


Since then, Sivan has had to deal with several publications and media people asking him about his sexual position. At first, this may have been fair play given the topic of the single. But Sivan quickly expressed his discomfort with the conversations. And despite Sivan repeatedly saying the info is private, he still has to deal with out of touch interviewers asking about the personal topic. Unfortunately, this happened again very recently.

In an interview with Express, an LGBTQ magazine based in New Zealand, the singer was asked a series of strange questions. First, the interviewer attempted to joke with Sivan about the Kiwi accent before suddenly shifting gears into the possibility of Sivan hooking up with Shawn Mendes. The conversation that turns to Sivan’s boyfriend Jacob Bixenman before shifting to tv shows and movies. But it was at the end of the interview, as the final note of a lighting round, that the interviewer asked Sivan “Top or Bottom?” The move came off as “gotcha journalism” at its worst.

Later, a Twitter user shared the interview with the internet and Sivan’s fans shared their disappointment with the conversation.



Eventually, Sivan himself chimed in with how offended and disappointed he was with the interviewer.


Unfortunately, Out Magazine then chose to question Sivan on his response to the Express interviewer. But Sivan wasn’t going to let that pass.


In response to the Out Magazine article, this writer has to say that Out’s writer is missing the point. Yes, Sivan wrote a song about bottoming. But that doesn’t mean he is bottom. He may be verse, for instance. He may have had a significant moment in his life when he bottomed and felt like writing about it. After all, the lyrics do go, “I bloom just for you.”


But even more important, this is none of our business. There’s this separation of sense and personal space when it comes to celebrities. We idolize them so much that we forget they’re human. Imagine walking up to a stranger and asking if he’s a bottom. It wouldn’t go well. So why try it with a celebrity?

And yes, Sivan started the discussion with his song. But it was ultimately him expressing his feelings about love and infatuation. And clearly, the singer didn’t think writing the song’s lyrics would result in a year-long discussion over his bedroom antics. But even so, once he stated he was uncomfortable having that discussion, we should respect him, a human being, and move on. Because at the end of the day, what does knowing whether or not Troye Sivan bottoms or not matter to our lives? It doesn’t. So let’s drop it.

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  1. The only answer I generally give to this is to look at my watch and ask if it’s an even day or an odd day. It’s remarkably rude and sexist at its base, of course implying that to bottom is to be inferior and less than.


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