Troyve Sivan On Hating The Gay Icon Status

Troye Sivan talks first impressions with his boyfriend and rejecting the gay icon label / Screenshot via YouTube @Vogue

Get a look inside Troye Sivan’s mind and (manager’s) home.

The Bloom singer is the latest to appear on Vogue’s popular 73 Questions series. And while he gives us a tour of his manager’s California house, Sivan opens up about his insecurities, thoughts, and problems with being labeled a “gay icon.”

Sivan has already expressed displeasure at being called a gay or bottom icon, but shared more of his perspective on the issue through the below video.

“From experience, I’ve seen that the LGBTQ community is so unbelievably diverse and looks like so many people that to be picked as one of the ‘faces’ of the community, it just made me really uncomfortable and felt weird and scary,” said the singer.

On top of that topic, Sivan discussed several other topics like how his 15-country Bloom tour went, his thoughts on Margot Robbie, what it’s like to be an Australian man living in America, writing music, bleaching his hair, celebrity crushes, and more.

In addition, Sivan’s boyfriend Jacob Bixenman appears in the video. The two, who have been together for three years, discuss their relationship and first impressions upon meeting. Bixenman described his first thoughts of Sivan as “confident, sweet, and pretty chill.” Meanwhile, Sivan described Jacob as a “tall, sweet, lovely, and kind” man.

If you want to watch all that and more, check out the video below.

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