Truck Full of Sex Toys Spills Its Load

Somewhere in Oklahoma, there are a lot of sexually frustrated people right now!

Earlier this week a semi-truck hauling sex toys and lubricant overturned on an Oklahoma highway–shooting its giant load all over the place!


The 18-wheeler was involved in a collision with a semi-tractor trailer on I-40, just outside of Oklahoma City. The accident resulted in the indecent exposure of boxes of dildos scattered across the freeway.

Talk about a slippery commute!

The incident caused news anchors at KWTV News 9 to fumble during their coverage of the spillage.


After giving a very brief and vague recap of what occurred on the scene, news chopper reporter Jim Gardner feigned innocence in his details of the accident. When asked what the truck was carrying, Gardner said “what’s all over the road?” followed by awkward silence when he realized that it was dildos and sex toys. Gardner tiptoed around the question as the camera operator zoomed in on the personal pleasure devices with “We’re zooming in…not really. I can’t tell. Maybe you can tell?”


It’s gonna be a long weekend!

Source: Twitter


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