Trump Administration Pulled Support Of The Stonewall National Monument & Rainbow Flag

Apparently, the Trump Administration wants nothing to do with the Stonewall National Monument and especially with the Rainbow flag that will permanently fly there.

A few days ago, we reported on the fact that there will be a rainbow flag flying over federal land for the years to come. But, it seems the Trump administration also heard word of it and acted quickly against it.

Now, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation confirmed that the ceremony to raise the flag will go proceed today and that the flag will fly permanently. But, there will be no help from Trump’s end.

The National Park Service (NPS), which had originally approved and sponsored a ceremony to be held tomorrow at New York City’s Stonewall National Monument to dedicate the Rainbow flag, has suddenly withdrawn.

The National Park Service has also abandoned all responsibilities as caretaker of the national flagpole that would house the Rainbow flag. They have instead given over possession and maintenance of the flag and pole to the City of New York.

This is just the latest in an ongoingly surmounting list of actions the Trump administration is doing to show that they do not support the LGBTQ community whatsoever.

Thankfully, the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS organization does support us. The organization which helps to provide medication, health care, meals, counseling and more to women, children, and people living with HIV will also be supporting the ceremony held today at noon.

At least someone cares.

6 thoughts on “Trump Administration Pulled Support Of The Stonewall National Monument & Rainbow Flag”

  1. So gays 4 trump deserve the

    So gays 4 trump deserve the angst and hatred for bringing us back down to second class citizens after my 24 years of actively fighting to be equal.  Ok I'll keep it in mind. Moron

  2. After being tossed from

    After being tossed from several pride events, Gays for Trump lobbied and won this one. Go cry in your beers you libs.


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