Trump And The Senate Appointed Anti-LGBTQ Kyle Duncan To A Lifetime Federal Judge Position

Anti-LGBTQ judge Kyle Duncan has just been appointed as a federal judge for the rest of his life.

Back in February, Donald Trump nominated Duncan for the federal judge position in New Orleans's 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Then on May 29, Duncan was confirmed for a lifetime appointment in the position with a Senate vote of 50-47.

Many have opposed and condemned Duncan’s appointment because of his constant anti-LGBTQ decisions.

Kyle Duncan was the lawyer who defended Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court case in 2014. In addition, he participated in the North Carolina HB2 which targeted trans kids and forced them to use the bathroom that aligns with their biological sex.

Duncan also filed a brief to question the Supreme Courts decision to make marriage equality legal in all 50 states of America. He stated the decision would “imperil civic peace.”

Lambda Lega, one of the largest legal organizations for LGBTQ rights, released a statement expressing their displeasure at Duncan’s appointment:

“Lambda Legal very quickly identified Kyle Duncan as one of President Trump’s worst nominees. His clear and abundant record opposing voting rights, women’s right to access contraception, and civil rights for the LGBT community singled him out in a very crowded field.”

“We moved quickly to unite a coalition to oppose Duncan’s confirmation, a coalition including several members of Congress, leaders from all the nation’s major civil rights organizations, dozens of national, state and local LGBT organizations and Americans who have suffered directly at the hands of Duncan’s discriminatory attacks.”

“Kyle Duncan has made a career for himself targeting LGBT children and families,’ Tiven continued. ‘The idea that Mr. Duncan will cast aside his bigoted beliefs overnight, and miraculously transform into an impartial judge, is ludicrous and reckless. His career has been one long grudge match against women and LGBT Americans – now the Trump/Pence Administration is making him a referee.”

“No one with Kyle Duncan’s record of bias should ever serve as a judge. We will be watching Mr. Duncan’s decisions, and making sure all Americans know what their Senators voted for in confirming him. This vote will not be forgotten, nor will those who continue to help this administration rig our legal system. Lambda Legal will keep fighting for equality in court, because the law is on our side.”

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