Trump Invents Fake Award to Boost Ego

Donald Trump invented a fake award from the Log Cabin Republicans because of course he did. Image via Broadcasting & Cable.

Shortly after members of the Log Cabin Republicans resigned following an endorsement by Trump, the king of Fake News invented a fake award supposedly awarded by the aforementioned group, which denies the existence of such an award, according to Out.

The claim was made during a Tuesday press briefing in which a reporter asked Trump if he was okay with his administration making it easier to discriminate against LGBTQ workers. Instead of answering the question, he boasted about receiving an award and an endorsement from the Log Cabin Republicans (although he struggled a bit to remember the name of the group) and said that he has done will with LGBT people across the country. He also mentioned that he also has the support of Peter Thiel, the openly gay founder of PayPal. 



Daniel Dale, a reporter from CNN called this award the “second award the president has made up in the last week” and Jerri Ann Henry, the Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans, confirmed that no such award existed or was given to Trump. 

Looking back at this administration, it’s easy to see that Trump has not been very kind to LGBT people with his support of religious liberty laws, the transgender military ban, his cutting of funding of HIV research, his opposition of the Equality Act, his… well you get the point. He doesn’t really care about us be he sure cares about himself a whole lot which is why, I assume, he invented this objectively fake award. 

What a time to be alive. 

Source: Out

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