Trump Just Picking Names From Fox News Or Is Grenell A Good Selection For Ambassador To Germany?

Back in March of this year we were excited to report "Trump To Pick Openly Gay Richard Grenell As NATO Ambassador."  He would have been the highest member of Trump's administration to be an out LGBT individual.  This appointment did not happen, no nomination, but instead Trump has chosen former Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas to be the next NATO ambassador, the White House announced on Thursday, June 29, 2017. Hutchison, 73, served in the Senate for 20 years and decided not to run for re-election in 2012.

So when the Washington Examiner reported yesterday that President Trump intends to nominate Richard Grenell, a TV commentator and former spokesman for the United Nations, to serve as the next U.S. ambassador to Germany, we are not going to hold our breath.

Where did Trump find openly gay Grenell?  Richard was the longest-serving spokesman for the United States at the United Nations during former President George W. Bush's administration, but he as well frequently appears on Fox News as a foreign affairs commentator.

The United States is in need of a seasoned individual when it comes to representing our nation in Germany during a time when relations between the two countries have been strained.

Confirmation by the Senate needs to occur.  If Grenell receives the appointment, he will need to tackle subjects like military spending, refugee policies, and of course the Paris Climate Accord.

We wish Richard the best!  may this nomination come true.  But Mr. Grenell, if you do get the position, you do not have an easy road ahead of you.

He does have an impressive list of accolades.

  • Longest-serving spokesman for the United States at the United Nations during former President George W. Bush's administration.
  • Foreign Affairs Commentator on Fox News
  • Owns own media communications company.
  • Mitt Romney's top National Security Adviser during the 2012 presidential race,
  • Advisor to a number of Republicans, including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
  • Director of Communications and Public Diplomacy for the U.S. delegation to the United Nations in 2001 under Bush.
  • Alternative voting member of the U.N. Security Council.


h/t: Washington Examiner

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