Trump Supporter Claims ‘Death Threats’ From Fake Gay Twitter Account He Made Up

Trump supporter and right-wing personality, Jacob Wohl, may have reported fake death threats from a fictional gay Hispanic ‘diversity coordinator’ he made up on Twitter.

Of course he’d have to make the fictional character gay…

You might recall Wohl’s name from when he suffered an epic fail trying to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller with fake accusations of sexual assault right before the 2018 midterm elections. The 21-year-old found himself suspended from Twitter for those antics, specifically creating and operating fake accounts.

The Daily Beast reports that, during a trip to Minneapolis, Wohl (a self-professed ‘political and corporate intel consultant’) went to the police and reported he’d received death threats from someone on Twitter. In the video embedded in the tweet below, Wohl specifically identifies the threat as coming from a ‘diversity coordinator.’


NBC News reporter Ben Collins pointed up the charade on Twitter:


On February 26, Collins reported the Twitter account ‘drakehomes612’ was created by Wohl. The profile featured a Hispanic man’s photo, and its user described themselves as a ‘Diversity Coordinator, Minneapolis Born and Raised. Hater of racists, homophones, and bigots” and punctuated with a rainbow flag.

The Daily Beast writes, “A source familiar with Wohl’s fake accounts confirmed to me that @Drakehomes612 was run by Wohl before being deleted by Twitter. That means Wohl was sending himself fake death threats, presumably in an attempt to up the drama during his Minneapolis videos.”

The Minneapolis Police released documentation today from Wohl’s filed report which included a screen capture of the ‘threat.’ The language is identical to a threat Wohl included in his recent ‘documentary’ he shot while in Minneapolis.


In fact, Collins tracked down the man in the photo and it turns out he’s a Minnesota real estate agent named Aaron Delgado who had no idea his image had been usurped.

You'd think after recent events in Chicago, Wohl would have learned the risks involved in such antics.


(h/t NBC News, Daily Beast)

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