Trumpers Join Racist Weekend Rallies – Outnumbered by Anti-protestors

Photo Credit: Corey Andrew

In case anyone needed more proof of the very thin (nonexistent) line between racist ideology, white nationalism, and a large swath of Donald Trump supporters, this story should clear up any further uncertainty. Over the weekend, Trump supporters merged with advocates of the pathetically misguided “White lives matter” movement in what was supposed to be a nationwide organized continuation of “the big lie” of the election being stolen from loser Donald Trump.

Of course, the election was not stolen. Donald Trump lost fair and square as was agreed upon by over 50 courts, including the United States Supreme Court that found no evidence at all to support Trump’s claim of a fraudulent election. 


As reported by Yahoo News, over the past few weeks, neo-Nazis and far-right extremist groups —including many Trump supporters, coordinated rallies in major cities around the country with the sole purpose of spreading race-fueled hate.

In a blaring example of the public’s discontent with these vile people and all they represent, the turnout at these rallies across the country was far less than impressive. 

According to Yahoo,

“Hyped by organizers as events that would make “the whole world tremble,” the rallies ran into a major problem: Hardly anyone showed up. The “White Lives Matter” rallies, the first major real-world organizing efforts by white supremacists since 2018, were planned on the encrypted app Telegram after many aligned groups were alleged to have taken part in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S Capitol. 


With such a laughable turnout at the “White lives matter” rallies over the weekend, the only thing these despicable people made the world tremble with—was laughter! I caught a first-hand glimpse of this foolishness in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday as a Trump-loving caravan of about ten cars made their way past the gay beach at Sebastian Street.

Behold the lunacy with your very own eyeballs:


As I, along with my fellow LGBTQ brethren, soaked up the sun on a perfect beach day, all of a sudden, we heard loud honking horns and people chanting “Trump” from the cars as they whizzed by the beach. We all looked at each other like WTF? Some of us (including me) grabbed our phones and ran to the edge of the highway to capture the clownery on video.  

Trump lost the election, and Biden is president, period. So there really was no need to even legitimize these people with a response, but they got me! Before I knew it, there I was, yelling to the cars at the top of my lungs, “Y’all know he f*cking lost, right?” Others soon joined in mocking the Trump supporters for so passionately defending a loser, Trump  — a willfully illiterate, trust fund baby who inherited $400,000,000 from his father and yet still managed to file for bankruptcy six times? 

This is the guy they’re all rallying behind?

It’s like a losers club where The Confederacy, The Nazis, and Trump are all revered as heroes despite literally having experienced the most significant, embarrassing defeats in history. Bizarre! But, still I tried to greet the ignorant clan with a smile…ish, kinda thingy. This was all I could muster:


As far as these people still pushing the big election lie, I could care less, but it’s the racism for me. It was explicit and deliberately on full display during these rallies. Despite a poor showing, some of those who did attend were certain to bring their confederate flags and wear their Swastika-adorned apparel, so there is no mistaking — Trumpism is undeniably aligned with the vile drudgery of racism, period. 

Trump knows it, his followers know it, and the world knows it. As I wrote in a piece for Fit Figures Magazine entitled, “Donald Trump’s Most Vile Act of Racism: The 2020 Election,” I lay out exactly what this weekend’s display was really all about, 


“We are witnessing racists’ meltdown; many white people clinging to a crumbling power structure of oppression and voter suppression that they masterfully got away with for centuries. However, now, those suppressors face the realization that those brown people – the very same brown people they have worked hard to disenfranchise, have been awakened and reminded of their power.”

Still, with that said, African Americans have only ever wanted an equal share of our rights and liberties. We have never demanded more than a fair opportunity despite a history of being beaten, raped, killed, bought, and sold like cattle for nearly 300 years and an additional 100 years of Jim Crow. Mind you, Jim Crow America only ended (supposedly) with the signing of the Civil Rights Act just six years before I was born. That’s really recent. 

48,000,0000+ African Americans are still negatively impacted by America’s nearly five centuries-long legacy of systemic racism against black people. So, to make it clear to all those Trumpers honking horns this weekend, “Black Lives Matter” was not formed to declare white lives did not matter, but rather to remind white people that our lives matter too.

Read more about this debacle of dumbness at Yahoo

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