Trump’s New Nomination for NASA Keeps In Line With Anti-LGBT Nominations

Keeping with his current trend, Trump has nominated another unqualified bigot. The person in question is Senator Jim Bridenstine from Oklahoma, as the possible head of NASA.

He is adamant about marriage being between one man and one women. Saying things about how it has been that way for "millennia" and that transgender bathroom laws are just "federal bullying."

His personal website says, "I believe that marriage is intended to be between one man and one woman for life." Arguing that lawmakers top priority should be to protect the family and marriage. 

NASA has been pro-LGBT and always worked to expand everyone's boundaries and understanding when it comes to science and the exploration of space. The Kennedy Space Center released a LGBT Pride month video, further demonstrating their support of the LGBT community. 

Along with human rights organizations coming out in opposition of Bridenstine, some senators have as well. Marco Rubio and Democrat Bill Nelson have said that Bridenstine lacks the qualifications. They would prefer a space expert and not a politician. 

We can only hope the rest of the senate jumps on board, for any reason, to oppose him.


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