Trump’s Press Secretary Blames CNN For Uncovered Videos Of Her Calling Trump A Racist

Kayleigh McEnamy / Trish Reagan – Formerly of FOX News

In what was already a long, exhaustive list of failed presidential press secretaries, Kayleigh McEnany is possibly the most deplorable of the brood. I don’t throw the word “deplorable” around casually mind you; in this instance, I mean it.

McEnany first hit the spotlight during the tumultuous 2016 United States election. Attractive, blond, and vitriolic, she looked like a perfect ‘Bombastic Barbie’ prototype, manufactured on the same FOX News assembly line that produced similar damaged dolls like Megyn Kelly, Trish Reagan, Tomi Lehran, and the most hideous of all – Laura Ingrahm.

Most will recall she quickly established herself as a Trump cheerleader and devoted sycophant who also gleefully engaged in racial tropes about President Barrack Obama not being born in this country. She defended the detractors who claimed Obama was anti-American, and that he was pro-Muslim. The most juvenile of her comments were her racist tweets mocking Obama’s Kenyan heritage by stating he lived in grass huts.

Daily Dot Article / Image: Kayleigh McEnamy/ twitter Fair Use Act

Make no mistake about it, McEnany is an awful human being, and now it is her job to stand at a press briefing podium and defend the orange menace at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, with the spiral-eyed dedication of a Jim Jones follower. However, something funny happened a couple a days ago that left McEnany scrambling to explain herself; video footage from multiple appearances during the 2015 campaign cycle in which she calls Donald J. Trump, “a racist” and warns Republicans, “Not to claim this guy!”

Take a look at her audacious spin as she addresses her flip flop. I expected the usual default of “… well, Mr. Trump’s views are different now than they were then.” However, she really couldn’t use that excuse because his views haven’t changed. In fact, they have only grown more divisive.

More importantly, though, that excuse could never be credible because, in one of the archived video clips, McEnany is asked directly if she thought Trump had evolved from his past racist ideology. She responds unequivocally, “Racism does not have an expiration date!”

So, Kayleigh McEnany if that is the case, then clearly, you have made the conscious decision to join the dark side and align yourself with Trump’s racism, which systemically targets African Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims. Oh, let’s not forget to add Asians now to that list, as Trump has recklessly made them targets of hate due to his deflection to China to scapegoat his mishandling of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Yes, Kayleigh, I’m sure Trump patted you on the head to commend you for your performance at this week’s press briefing when you falsely tried to blame the media for downplaying the emergence of the Coronavirus three months ago when Trump was the one who called it a hoax. Your use of cherry-picked quotes from various news coverage was the ultimate in “fake news” and a pathetic shift of obvious blame from the president to someone, anyone, and everyone else.

But your newest debacle is surreal; you are now blaming CNN for all the negative comments YOU made about Donald Trump in 2015 before you converted to becoming one of his most rabid disciples.

Luckily, as we can see by how you’re getting dragged online, “The media” is having none of it.

Let this be a lesson, Kayleigh. You came for the media, and “the media” pulled the receipts and snatched that pretty blond mane off  – with your own words and video. The moves you made, that you thought were well-played, were not.

On the contrary, you only played yourself.


Check out some of Kayleigh McKenamy’s past doozy-Tweets here.

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