Trumpster COVID Cure Is Treatment Of Choice For Yiannopoulos

Screen shot from Fen 2017 press conference “Milo Yiannopoulos quits Breitbart after paedophilia controversy”

What do we do with people that are still not getting the vaccine? Do we just let them die by not getting the vaccine or do we let them die from their incorrect treatment for a virus they say doesn’t exist?

It’s a no win situation when you are dealing with morons for they’ve been accelerating at being idiots for their whole lives while we and others have spent our lives becoming more educated.  You can’t beat an expert in their field if they’ve been doing it since they day they were born.


One of those toilet stains that just will not go away is the way far-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos.  News is that he has tested positive for COVID-19 as shared on his social media. Not only did he share his diagnosis, he also shared an image of himself using ivermectin. Yes, the brightest bulb in a bucket of broken glass is using the anti-parasitic drug used on cattle and pigs that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned Americans against using.

Shared below, you’ll see Yiannopoulos posted a photo of a positive coronavirus test strip with the caption “Rona,” to his Telegram account (media watchdog group Right Wing Watch shared the screen shots on Twitter Saturday). He also commented:

“Most of you got the normal ‘it’s just flu’ rona last year and most of you didn’t even know you had it. But I don’t have any friends and I don’t leave the house so I only got the deadly superspreader version from vaccinated people and let me tell you THIS IS NOT FUN.”


The Twitter account also shared Milo-the-friendless’s comments about his symptoms – dizziness, headache, chills, foggy head, nausea, coughing, and difficulty breathing. You know, things that people experience when in his presence or even hearing his name. 

In a separate post, Yiannopoulos shared a photo appearing to inject ivermectin into his arm using a veterinary syringe with the caption “now we wait.”


Where did he get such a drug and where are others finding supplies of this dewormer injection?  Earlier this week, NBC News reported that Americans eager to get their hands on the drug have turned to the pro-Trump telemedicine website The high demand has reportedly led to significant delays and users are greeted with the message: “Due to overwhelming demand, we are experiencing longer than usual wait times.”

COVID is no laughing matter, but how far can our sympathy go when people like Milo just put their stupidity out there for the world to consume.  Ant yet, there are people that follow stupid down a dark tunnel and into something worse.  And they worry about the gay agenda or us converting their children.  Well, at least the people we convert will be alive and well.

Yiannopoulos is a controversial figure and one of the original heads of the alt-right group the Proud Boys. He has previously been barred from posting content across social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.  We do wish him a speedy recovery for we should not wish death or ill will on anyone.  But if the dewormer “medication” can cure his empty rotten heart, well, then, the world would be a better place. 

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8 thoughts on “Trumpster COVID Cure Is Treatment Of Choice For Yiannopoulos”

  1. aahhhhhh, another trumper got COVID. another idiot takes that ivermectin. Hope like Phil Valentine and that Caleb Wallace – the man who protested masks and vaccines in Texas – both will die a painful death – sorry not sorry

  2. Um, he probably made up his test result and then will tell all of the other dimwits out there that his treatment worked so that he can get them hooked on it. Oh well, who cares what happens to him or the others. If they are that stupid then zero fucks when they all start dropping like flies. Throw them in the trash where they deserve to end up at.

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