Tub Teamwork, Golden Bears, Ripe Bananas & More

Sharing some favorite posts on Instagram this week starting with Matthew Camp, who has a golden lasso and he’s not afraid to use it. Plus, his hashtag game is always on point.

Sterling Walker is jacked, packed and ready to go:

Rugby players Herbie Farnworth and Tom Dearden shared a tub #teamwork:

Chris Cragg was bouncing on the beach in Mexico:

Chris Evans confirmed he’s still cute, fluffy hair and all:

Shemar Moore might have said something about bananas being ripe and in season but we got a little lost in the moment:

Hunter Harden’s ‘Golden Bear’ persona was spotted at the International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs:

Apparently, Chris Salvatore shaved his beard and got some crunchy comments. #SalvatoreDontCare

Bruno Baba took his shirt off:

Tintin Padwin contemplated the siren song of the pool:


Former boy bander Ashley Angel Parker likes cold showers:

And Billy Reilich saved a horse:


1 thought on “Tub Teamwork, Golden Bears, Ripe Bananas & More”

  1. Chris Salvatore is fine without a beard, I prefer him with but. so long as he does NOT shave below the chin its all good.

    Chris Evans will always be ‘cute’.

    more guys need to get naked!!


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