Tucker Carlson’s Thirsting Over Hasan Piker?

Photo Credit: Instagram @hasanpiker and FOX News

Tucker Carlson and Hasan Piker? That’s a mashup we didn’t see coming.

Notorious conservative reporter and tv personality Tucker Carlson is known for sharing his unnecessary opinion on random topics. And this week, Carlson did more of the same. This time, Carlson responded to a picture of Congressman Nancy Pelosi in a swimsuit. But an edit of the original misogynistic video has created an interesting twist.


In the edited video, Nancy Pelosi has been replaced by Twitch streamer and former Young Turks producer Hasan Piker. The very up close and personal chest shot of Piker is joined by edited commentary from Carlson.

The right-wing anchor can be heard saying, “Mr. Piker is one heaping, helping, hunk of a man. Close your eyes, you go to sleep tonight, and try to get that image out of your head. If you can.”


After leaving the Young Turks, Hasan Piker has continued to give political commentary through his own production company and streaming channel. On top of that, Piker’s content consists of reacting to videos, playing video games with other streamers, and posting funny content like the video above.

And, let’s not forget all the thirst traps he posts on social media. You could and should never forget that. In fact, here are some posts to remind you.


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