Tumultuous Time In Tulum For Gay Beach-Goers. Arrested For Kissing?

Screen shots from Facebook video

This should not be a news flash to everyone, but not all of Mexico is accepting of the gays.  Luckily, we have some support and allies in many places that will speak up for us. 

The story boils down to that two men were kissing on a public beach in Mexico and someone did not take too kindly to such loving behavior. Police were called and the two men were arrested.  We expect this from many other nations that touch the Caribbean but aren’t our gays supposed to have it good in Mexico?


Money, it comes down to money.  We are welcome in Puerto Vallarta because we bring our big gay rainbow money (and recently more pandemic than they could handle) but money solves all the problems, even bigotry.  

So this beach town didn’t get enough gay money so the police were involved. Luckily, there were more accepting people nearby that didn’t need money to back up their morality. The video below shows a crowd surrounding the armed cops and the handcuffed kissers while demanding the men’s release.

Then chants of “I’m gay!” and “I’m gay too!” started in. Kind of funny, yet sad that this was necessary. The officers realizing that they were outnumbered by numbers and morality decided to let the men go.

Here is the Google translation of the Facebook post text:



I want to file a PUBLIC COMPLAINT, because the treatment and type of authorities we have in our municipality is NOT POSSIBLE.

Yesterday while I was on the beach with my family, we noticed around 4:30 that 2 police elements in their ATVs approached a group of young foreigners, after about 20 minutes passed, we noticed that a patrol arrived and proceeded to arrest them with handcuffs. Observing what happened, I proceeded to approach and to my surprise, and that of many who had approached, the “reason” for their arrest was because they were GAYS and they had KISSED. The policemen were VIOLENT, and gave arguments such as “there are families and children and they cannot be seeing this.” They were forced into the patrol and they would not let them go, all of us who were gathered were upset at

Seeing the situation, no matter how much we told them that they were not committing any crime, they did not release them. Shortly after a few minutes of talking with the police, they were released.

THEY WERE NOT COMMITTING ANY CRIME, we were by their side, at no time did they do anything wrong, simply by KISSING like any other couple, they wanted to take them. I am FURIOUS because it is not possible that in the XXI century this type of oppression against the LGBT + community continues. We all deserve the same treatment, and appropriate sanctions must be applied to these elements.

Other outlets are reporting that the arrest happened because the men were kissing in front of parents and children which of course we all know is the cause of hurricanes and global warming. 



What was the statement to the public about this arrest/altercation?  The men were being arrested for “immoral acts and sexual erotic demonstrations, on the road or public places.” They claimed the men were having oral sex and that one of the men pictured in the video riled up the crowd by claiming it was discrimination.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately we do not have any footage of what transpired before the cops and handcuffs were involved.  And it says gay men were arrested for kissing, but it looks like there are three in hand cuffs. The third is not saying much. Maybe he was picked up earlier for something and is just along for the ride. Or maybe there is more to the story. One will neer know. 

An event has been scheduled for the 28th in response to this mess.

In protest against the homophobic actions of Tulum Police, members of the LGBT community raise their voice and this Sunday invite to a protest where there will be ′′ rain of kisses “, in front of the Municipal Palace.

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