Tunisia Bans Forced Anal Examinations

In countries where homosexuality is illegal, the process of anal exams has been used in convictions of men. Many human right organizations have decried the practice as inhumane and cruel. Also they don't actually reveal anything, and usually lead to wrong convictions. 

Tunisia has finally put on ban on forced anal examinations. 

Mehdi Ben Gharbia said "these exams can no longer be imposed by force, physical or moral, or without the consent of the person concerned."

Ben Gharbia said judges can request an examination done, but that person can forego the test and that it will not mean they are guilty. Adding that Tunisia is 'committed to protecting the sexual minority from any form of stigmatization, discrimination, and violence."

Homosexuality is still illegal in the country and punishable by three years in prison. The country has allowed a more open debate on the gay and lesbian community since in became a democracy in 2011. But there are no plans to legalize homosexuality in the Muslim country. 

While we want to see it legal, in the mean time it is great to see the forced anal examinations stop.


H/T: Albawaba

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