Turns Out A Lot Of Guys Hold Their Junk To Fall Asleep?

A man sleeps with his hands handy
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A recent thread on Reddit asked gay men if they hold their junk to help them fall asleep at night.

“Anybody sleep better while holding their balls?,” wondered Ederd97 on an AskGayBros thread. “I really am not sure why, but when I do hold them, I’m out quick.”


This was a new  technique for solving insomnia to us, but it turns out cupping the ‘boys’ is a regular thing for some redditors.

“It’s all about the warmth. Yeah.”

“Yeah, I’ve had my hand down my pants half my life. It’s just so… comfortable. As a boy, my mom used to freak out that I did this. My dad said ‘he’s just making sure it’s still there.’ And yup. Just checked. Still there.”

“Yup, same here mate. It’s somehow comforting. I found out recently, that my Dad does it and so did his Dad too. So it’s basically a family tradition.”


Several guys shared that they used to do junk duty for their boyfriends while they slept:

“I fall asleep better when I’m holding someone ELSE’s balls. I love it <3”

“My exbf liked having someone hold his balls while he slept. He never could really explain it, and I wasn’t complaining ’cause I just liked touching him in general.”

“That is the most comfortable position tbh. I am big spoon and just cup my partners balls as we fall asleep.”


“Omg no lies told. A man who holds my balls while we fall asleep basically carries my whole body off to dreamland.”

“I did that for years for an ex—it was pretty chill.”

Gay couples sleeps while spooning
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Others explained they have a very specific position for bedtime:


“Yep, almost every night, I think it might be a protection ‘sleep blanket.’ Right hand cups balls and flaccid duck, left hand shoved under left butt cheek. Slept like this for longer than I can remember.”

A couple of responses said they weren’t down with the technique:

“Hell nah. My balls are spirits of freedom, they wouldn’t let me fall asleep when in any type of grip.”

“Nah, for some reason I can only fall asleep if I’m in a vampire pose. I have to lay straight and my hands lay over my heart.”


“No. I sleep better at night man spreading and rocking myself to sleep.”

A few folks chimed in with more scientific responses:

“This is pure evolutionary instinct and absolutely a thing for all genders – sleep makes you vulnerable, so it’s safer to enter sleep if you’re protecting the main thing that will help you pass on your genetic material. Which is ironic, being gay, but we are mutants and proud of it.”

“Cupping your boys does in fact help you fall asleep and there is actually a great deal of research and studies as to why this is the case. A sense of security, the need to protect the assets, the pleasurable feeling due to the naturally heightened sensitivity of this area, even a less ball-centric reason, the warming of your hands is also in part one of the reason that it helps guys fall asleep.”


Last year, Bill Fish, a certified sleep science coach, told the DollarShaveClub blog, “Sleeping with your hands down your pants is an interesting habit for both kids and adults and isn’t gender-specific by any means,” said Fish. “For the most part, we would do this for three reasons: warmth, comfort and protection.”

What about you, readers? Is ‘cupping’ a regular thing to help you fall asleep? Or do your guys need freedom at bedtime?

(source: reddit/AskGayBros)

4 thoughts on “Turns Out A Lot Of Guys Hold Their Junk To Fall Asleep?”

  1. I don’t know the science behind it. However I can say that it works. I always have to either read or breathe deeply to fall asleep. Holding my balls comforta me and I’m out

  2. i’m 74 widowed four years… prefer to clean myself out with the proper tools and home my balls and squeeze them too to warm them and get some shut eye for awhile…
    i actually like to do much more with super clean balls. for sure.

  3. I have never done it, but I have a heck of a time falling asleep. I am going to try it for a few nights to see what happens.

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