Turns Out This Public Homophobe’s A “Bottom/Vers”

Images via Facebook @Expose Christiaan Otto

Surprise, surprise. Another public homophobe has been accused of secretly having gay sex. This time around, the public homophobe was Christiaan Otto.

Otto has a history of proclaiming anti-LGBTQ sentiments like stating that celebrity personality Caitlyn Jenner “is delusional and needs help” or saying that homosexuality is a “mental illness.” At least two people have lodged complaints with the South African Human Rights Commission over Otto’s social media comments. Now according to MetroWeekly, the Johannesburg resident has made one too many enemies… and alleged Grindr accounts for that matter.

Image via Facebook @Expose Christiaan Otto

A Facebook group called “Expose Christiaan Otto” claims to have evidence of Otto using a Grindr profile. Screenshots of a Grindr conversation show a profile named RBayDiscreet labeling himself as a “bottom/vers,” The account also shared photos of Otto with another user of the gay dating app.

The Facebook group’s administrators say they are sharing those screenshots to “[protect] vulnerable people from [him].” The group demanded in a statement to Otto that he stop his hate speech. They also threatened to “continue to expose you and raise up awareness against your hate speech.”

“You might have a ‘God’ or ‘prophet’ complex, but get one thing straight, you are NOT a prophet nor some form or religious authority, you are simply a desperate individual that constantly looks for clout and fame in what ever sick way you find next,” the message reads. “You think controversial opinions will get you attention, well now you have it, but I doubt in the way you want it.”


Meanwhile, Otto denies ever using the Grindr app. As he told Mamba Online, his critics are trying to discredit him and “create fake thinks to make you look bad – any person can see that this is happening. I thought Grindr was something that you cut metal with.”

Otto then added, “All they are doing is creating falsehood against me. They just took old photos off of my Facebook account and they created this profile. It’s not rocket science.”

Christiaan Otto also refused to the labeling of his views as hate speech.


“The only hate I see is from their side. You don’t see me swearing them or bring their families into it or creating fake accounts in their name. Let them do what they want to do. I cannot control the world. I can only control what I say and how I react. Offence is not given, it is taken.”

Christiaan Otto / Image via Facebook

Many refute Otto’s dismissive claims, however. For instance, the City of Ekurhuleni Councillor Kade Guerreiro labeled Christiaan Otto’s digital presence as “inflammatory and homophobic.”

“Otto’s assertion that homosexuality is a mental illness and that those who do not conform to the gender binary must suffer from mental disorders, including a description of transgender individuals as delusional,” Guerreiro told Mamba Online.

Guerreiro added: “Otto’s remarks are shamelessly inflammatory and homophobic, and are particularly dangerous at a time when, in addition to the monumental battle against discrimination and social abuse, the LGBTIQ community stands with the rest of our country, as we face a distressing and uncertain battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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2 thoughts on “Turns Out This Public Homophobe’s A “Bottom/Vers””

  1. I suppose engaging in MSM is not considered “gay” to him. Only if you accept yourself gay or seek to marry someone of the same sex.
    The only thing this story reveals is how religion continues to damage the lives of LGBT people. Otto is not the first victim of religion who has become so hateful of his homosexuality he engages in homophobia to deal with his guilt of being gay and a Christian.
    The Christian Church must be held to account.


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