TV Fans Re-discovering Crystal Waters Song That Samples Price Is Right

As TV audiences across multiple generations were saddened to learn of Bob Barker’s passing yesterday —including me, it occurred to me immediately that the song “Come On Down” by Crystal Waters is the perfect farewell tribute to America’s most beloved game show host.


With its catchy beat, uplifting lyrics, and Crystal Waters’ soulfully puuur-fect voice, the song encapsulates the very sense of thrill, excitement, and joy that Barker brought to millions of viewers throughout his illustrious career.

Bob was known for his charismatic personality and iconic catchphrase, “Come on down!” as host of the popular game show The Price Is Right for 35 years. He became a household name and a most beloved figure in the entertainment industry. His enthusiasm and genuine love for the show and its contestants made him irreplaceable in the T.V. game show genre. He established an icon status and made one of the funniest cameos ever alongside Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore.

I would be remiss not to mention Bob’s stable of Barker’s Beauties —a cast of gorgeous models who ushered contestants through exciting showcases where they’d play to win thousands of dollars in cash, prizes, and vacation packages.

For those of us who watched The Price is Right over the past few decades (I started watching with my Grandma as a little boy), we recognize that music was a memorable component of the show. From the transportive song of the Yodel Game to that one time, a beautiful black model named Zubaybah Richarson became the first Barker Beauty on The Price is Right to ever navigate a contestant through a showcase round with an original hip-hop rap song. It was trippy fun.


But who can forget the infectious Price is Right theme song with its uplifting 1960s cocktail lounge swing? It’s super fun and has stood the test of time, appealing to audiences of all ages as one of history’s most recognizable game show themes. Brilliantly, Crystal Waters’ previously recorded “Come On Down” captures the essence of the theme song through sampling and equally pays tribute to Barker’s tenure on the show with lyrics that speak of seizing the moment, taking chances, and embracing the thrill of life. The track was Waters’ first release for the legendary Strictly Rhythm Records.

I’ve always loved “Come On Down” to this day. I’m baffled over how this clever song wasn’t as big a hit for Crystal as her other massive tracks, such as Gypsy Woman and 100% Pure Love. It embodies all the magic of a Crystal Waters track in the spirit of “The Price Is Right,” where contestants eagerly await their turn to “come on down” and have a chance at a life-changing experience. For contestants, that experience was to win cash and prizes. In “Come On Down,” Crystal sings about that feeling of lightning in your veins, that vibe you get from someone special.

“Come On Down” mirrors the fast-paced nature of the beloved game show. And just Like Barker’s quick wit and ability to keep the audience engaged, Crystal Waters does the same; the track is whimsical, has an upbeat tempo, and is energetic, keeping listeners captivated from the song’s opening trumpet solo riff to its triumphant finish. 


As we remember Bob Barker’s contributions to the world of television and the indelible mark he left on the hearts of his fans, let’s all come on down and celebrate his legacy joyously with this re-introduction to an infectious dance music masterpiece by the incomparable Crystal Waters.

Listen to “Come On Down”by Crystal Waters:

Barker retired from The Price is Right in 2007, and Drew Carey was announced as the new host. Barker was 99 years young at the time of his passing. R.I.P. Mr. Barker. Thanks for the fun!

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