TV Show Creator Ryan Murphy To Donate 100% Of His Profits From “Pose” To LGBTQ Charities

Tv Show creator Ryan Murphy is gearing up for possibly his most important show yet.


Pose is Murhpy’s latest projects and takes place in New York City during the 1980s. The story follows the queer ballroom scene that became most famous from documentary film Paris is Burning.

Not only is this new series exciting from the historic and cultural perspective, but its also exciting in terms of representation. Pose will become the tv show with the most transgender actors of any shows in history, and it has a diverse behind-the-camera crew as well.

But it doesn’t even end there, because show creator Ryan Murphy has announced recently that he’ll be donating all of his profits from the show to trans and LGBTQ charities.


As Murphy posted on twitter, he’ll now share the name and mission of each charity that he’ll be donating to for the next two weeks.


And what are the first two charities that he’s talked about since that announcement?

First, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project will be a recipient of Ryan Murphy’s donations. This legal organization fights for the rights of LGBTQ, and specifically transgender, citizens. They offer legal help with name changes, IDs, immigration, and more.


Second, Murphy will be donating his proceeds to the Peter Cicchino Youth Project. This organization offers help and legal assistance to LGBTQ youth (mostly youth of color) in poverty or who are homeless.


These are just two of the fourteen organizations that will be bettered by these donations from Murphy. That said, it doesn’t have to end right there.

Consider donating yourselves to these wonderful organizations and causes. You can donate to the Peter Cicchino Youth Project here or donate as little as $5 to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project here.

Then, of course, make sure to check on Murphy’s twitter page regularly to see what other organizations he will be donating to and that you could be donating to.

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